Back to Back Long Walks

Hi all,

Yesterday we walked to get pizza as I stated. Today the 2 mile walk for groceries was conquered.

10/9/21 walk

That puts me at 8.74 miles so far in October. That means I could end up over 20 miles maybe even 25 for this month if I keep this pace going.

The scale is still hanging in the 291s so no loss to report as of yet. Maybe tomorrow. I’m sure there’s a couple pounds of water weight in there. Really hopeful I’ll be in the 288s or 289s for the monthly compare next weekend.

I am still ahead for both the full Healthy Wage and the mini challenge I’m on. Need a loss soon though or the mini will fall behind.

Hopefully, I have time tomorrow to take out the trike for a ride. We shall see. I have several things I need accomplish today and tomorrow.

My legs definitely want a break, though.

I should go get on things now.

Keep it going,


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