Plus info about me

So, who are you reading info from? Who is it in that video or picture? How can you contact me? Well, that all shall be answered here.

My name is Kimmie. I’m 38 years old, and I have over a decade of experience in health, weight loss and what works for me to be healthier. 

I’ve been a heavier person since about the age of 8. I was already in size 16 jeans at the age of 12. At my heaviest, I was over 400lbs. Through diet alone, I lost over 100lbs and was in the 280s. I then started exercising steadily at age 28. 

I do not, repeat, DO NOT enjoy exercise. I don’t get a high. I don’t think clearer. I don’t crave it or miss it. People have given various reasons for this. They tell me things like you don’t do long enough sessions or it only works for high intensity cardio like running. I’ve done various things for exercise, and a variety of times. I just think some people’s brain isn’t designed for that high. I simply feel soreness and exhausted but, over time, I loved how getting in better shape made it easier to do physical things and helped me shape up better.

I was 29 and made the lowest weight of my adult life, 206lbs. I fit in a size 14 jeans. I was thrilled. Then of course, life happened. We moved to a higher altitude and it played havoc with my knees. So, I stopped exercising and hey, I’m naturally lazy. Quick food is unhealthy and fattening but so easy. I’ve made a few half hearted attempts to lose weight again that lasted a few weeks to even a couple months but I keep letting myself backslide. After all, eating and being lazy is easy.

As of writing this, I weigh 336lbs. I’m done with being out of breath from simple activities. I’m sick of seeing clothes I love but knowing it will look awful on me. I miss looking at my body and liking my shape. I know age will eventually catch up with me and my odds of a disability or major health issue only increase the longer I let laziness win.

This isn’t about needing more confidence or attracting a partner. I am very confident. I have been in a loving and committed relationship over 8 years. This is about health and being in a place I know I’m better at.

So, now that that jumble is all out, I am able to be contacted various ways. Feel free to contact me through this website. I can also be reached at MyFitnessPal under username cppeace. On facebook, my page is Losing 100 plus pounds

I plan to add other outlets as well. 

Feel free to reach out with questions, tips, feedback or to tell me about your own journey.