Plus Tips

wake up and workout slogan on light box among sports equipment

Everyone is different and various things will work for everyone. Anytime I run across a tip I will post about it. It will come here as well as the Plus More page.
Feel free to drop your own tips and experiences for what works for you. I do not and will not support any major fad diets or weight loss pills, though. This is more about life choices, exercises and equipment, hydration, eating habits and other changes that can help.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Hi all, Yep, it once again is a fabulous Sunday. Yesterday we had to replace one of our AC units. It was the one in my room. It was the original that had come with the house and,after multiple years, just worked less and less. We replaced it and now it’s much more comfy all…

A Tool I’m Never Without

Hi all! Today I did a ton of weeding and clearing garden space. I did this steady for over an hour. I was surprised, when I called it for the day, to see this activity burned over 900 calories. I wouldn’t have ever known this without my heart rate monitor. I feel this is a…

What are Non Scale Victories?

So, I mentioned there being other ways to chart your progress on you journey to better health and here where I will expand on that. a non scale victory or NSV for short is exactly like it says. This is basically anything positive occurring in your life due to weight loss and or exercise increase.…