Monday Means? You Got It.

Hi all,

Here is the newest Monday Check in video. I mention my new records and the giveaway! Enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed catching up.

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New Record Walk

Hi all,

So headed out this morning for a new walk, was attempting to test the 5th prototype, it hit a snag so didn’t get much test but I really like the new set up’s feel. A 6th will be very similar with a few attachment alterations.

The walk I went on set a new record for me. Check it out.


I also got to post a good loss today as well! I’m down to 307.2lbs. That puts me at 28.8lbs down in 76 days. I am also back in the green for the July Healthy Wage mini challenge. It’s great to be losing like this. I am down over 2% in 21 days. Almost 8.5% in 70 days. I am well ahead on my main challenge.

It’s decided to thunderstorm today after my walk. Hopefully that will help lower some of the temps. The plants will appreciate it for sure.

Well, things to do, including improvements for the site.

Keep it going,


Is the lucky number 5?

Hi all,

I’ve spent the morning and mid day working on the newest prototype. Thus one is number 5. I think it has the most potential so far. It’s also the largest so far.

I haven’t gotten my exercise in yet but did go check plants. I had a small cucumber in the garden but it didn’t climb up so the cucumber is all moldy on the dirt. I adjusted it to force it on the fence so if it puts on more they should fare better.

The scale still has me up, but not much as I should be past most of that hormonal water retention. In another day or two hopefully another loss can be reported. The 3 days of exercise in a row is iffy, but definitely will be a walk tomorrow and TG Monday.

Trumpet Vines

Oh, not sure if I mentioned we plan to have Trumpet Vines cover the fence we put up. One has taken hold for sure. All my nearby plants are steady growing. The tomatoes plants are getting really tall but no blooms yet. Oh! My hazelnut trees has loads of nuts ripening. It’s amazing! I will try to snap a pic tomorrow.

Anywho, I’m enjoying some Olympic events and going to game a bit tonight.

Keep it going,


100 posts / 100%

Hi all,

I am having a pretty easy Friday so far. I hope you are too. Yesterday was the 100th post. It was talking about my giveaway going on because of reaching 100 followers on the site. Thanks again, all and good luck if you enter the giveaway.

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned weighing in the last few days. Due to a hormonal time I am currently retaining a butt load of water so I am ignoring the scale another day or two until my body gets back to the normal space.

I have some inspiration about how to make the next thigh guard prototype so want to get that done tomorrow. I sadly didn’t get my Total Gym time in yesterday because as I had an unusual work schedule yesterday. So, my goal for this weekend is TG or test walk Saturday, the swap TG or walk Sunday then trike ride Monday. Fingers crossed that all happens.

I’ve been avoiding Healthy Wage because I haven’t posted a loss in almost a week so it’s red and sad looking on the July Challenge.

I can hopefully get back in the green in the next day or two. If not I may do a 24 hour fast to reset things. We shall see.

Woo, busy busy weekend in coming as I have garden work to do as well.

Keep it going,


Big Steps and Announcement!

Hi all,

So Guess What! The site just surpassed 100 followers. This is fantastic to me and I am so grateful to all of you wonderful people for liking my journey enough to follow along.

To commemorate this I am going to have a giveaway raffle. This is totally free for anyone who wants to participate. There’s two ways people can enter this giveaway. Unfortunately, I have to limit it to the United States only. This is pretty spur of the moment and next time I will try to have options for other places.

So what is the prize? There are two options. The first is a Garmin Forerunner 35 watch. The second is $100 in cash.

Yes a prize worth $100 is what I am giving away. Prize or cash with no cost to you.

How do you enter?

The easiest way to enter will be like and share the post on the Facebook page Losing 100 Plus Pounds and Like the page there. Everyone who isn’t my relative who has already liked my page just has to like and share the post where I mention the giveaway.

For those who don’t use Facebook, you can enter by liking this blog post, leaving a comment on it saying you want in and sharing the post to Facebook, Twitter or another popular site WordPress tracks. I suggest using the Facebook option if possible because it makes contact usually easier to notify you of your number and if you win. You will only get one entry even if you enter both ways.

I will record a random number generator and announce the winner in the last Monday video of August. This giveaway will be held on August 30th (08/30/2021). So, entries will be capped and stopped as of 08/27/2021 Midnight ( 12:00 AM CST) and, to the best of my ability, all entrants will be notified of their entry number. This will be based on when one entered starting with 1 and ending with however many end up entering.

I am so excited to give this prize away and can’t wait to record that video!

A little over a month from now the lucky winner will be announced.

Good luck!

Keep it going,