Hi all,

So, I do my best to show my personality honestly through these writings. Most days I smile more than I cry. I try to help others. I do my best to stay positive and spread that positivity. The past week has been rough. Every day has felt like trekking miles through ankle deep mud.

I am in no way sinking or giving up. I just need to let this muck dry so I can rise above it.

Often it helps to list what is going ok, what I have to be grateful for.

I have a home

I have people who love me

I have land

I am healthier than most even if obese

I have my mind in good working order

I have a few friends

My seeds have mostly done well this year

My garden is actually being worked this year

I know will get past any weight loss plateaus

I have a good career

I have been doing much more writing

My website is getting more traffic

Well that is enough. So, I got 4 of the tomato plants, that were big enough, planted in the garden.

One of the tomato plants 6/13/2021

I will be hitting the TG in a bit ( since the prototype for the thighs didn’t work out yet for the walk this morn) and then cooking some supper.

Tomorrow will be the measurements and monthly pictures date. So, prepare yourself.

Keep it going,


Oh No! I Didn’t Lose Weight.

Hi all,

So, it happened. Yep, I’ve now had my first week of zero weight loss according to the scale. ( We already know it’s a filthy liar though)

The scale claims I’m up a pound. All that means is due to stress, dehydration and hormones I’m probably retaining 3 or 4 lbs of water weight. My food diary is open and available for anyone to view on myfitnesspal. Feel free to check out my calories. Lol the fat is being shed. It has no choice.

This situation is temporary, but not good for the 3 month challenge, but the scale will start moving again soon. I have zero doubt on that.

I was going to hit the TG today ( still might later) but the garden needed major weeding and to be prepared for the tomatoes tomorrow. I have baby beans, though. Look!

Anasazi bean sprout

Those were planted last week. They loved the little rain we got last night, but, as you can see, the ground is already dry again.

Well, I have sewing to do and then as soon as the rest of the pieces arrive, the thigh protection will be done.

Keep it going,


The Scale is a Filthy Liar!

Hi all,

Decided to take a peek at the scale this morning and it says I’ve gained 3 pounds. Serves me right for hopping on the scale before Saturday.

As yesterday was an overall terrible day, I didn’t drink enough, forced myself to eat and what I ate had a good amount of sodium I am retaining water like a dam.

Water retaining water is like

Let me remind you all. I weigh over 300lbs. I’ve been measuring and tracking everything I consume, so at most I may have up to 100 calories higher than I am tracking due to package vs size discrepancies. That means I’m eating between 1100 and 1400 calories most days. I physically Cannot gain fat at that amount of calories.

So, today I will be downing a ton of water and crossing my fingers for the scale to be kind tomorrow.

The saddness that happened yesterday included digging the giant puppy a grave and that took my exercise time slot. So, don’t know what else to say on that. I will be back to exercising tomorrow on the TG.

I have the name picked out for the thigh protection I’m making and the prototype should be created this weekend and the rest of it finished no later than next weekend. Then, I get to start testing it out. Then the 2 alpha testers. Then I’ll recruit some beta testers. Then they will be listed for sale!

It’s exciting!

Well, off I go back to work.

Keep it going,


Today is a Sad Day

I don’t have it in me to write much. Today we lost a loved pet named Sophie. She was adopted/ rescued about 7 years ago. She was a nervous gentle giant. We let her bark( which she didn’t do or wag her tail for the first 6 months after she had cluster seizures from detoxing from tranquilizers her previous owners gave her. ) and come in and out as she pleased. She loved attention and was the size of a person being half st Bernard and half great pyr.

Well I am writing this with tears streaming. So I shall go now.

Sophie and Koga as a pup.

Sleep is so Good

Hi all,

So, I got sleep. No more punch drunk ramblings today. I like sleep. I can get by on less sleep more than many, but I really like sleep. I always wake up clinging to more water after a catch up sleep. I swear days like this I always feel heavier and the scale concurs.

Sometimes if I just sit around for a couple hours then weigh in again I see my actual weight. It’s the weirdest thing.

Anywho, on the gambion I mentioned yesterday. For high cost reasons, it shan’t happened at this time. I just had too many doubts doing it the cheaper way and doing it more correctly was going to be more expensive than doing a wood fence. ( if you’ve been to a hardware store lately you know of which I speak. ) The gambion would cost me around $22 a foot for me to do, not a pro. So, instead, I have ordered a normal field fence and we shall turn it into a privacy fence. No more waiting, delaying, some-daying.

Take action!

That means I don’t need the $5k for a front fence any longer and if the fence is up I can buy my sheep next spring, before the time frame of me winning the Healthy Wage bet. So, wonder what the plan is now? I suppose the vehicle if we haven’t replaced our current before then. I have a feeling we will have, though.

Things just feel good. They feel like they’re moving in the right direction. ( yes I feel this way when I didn’t post a scale loss)

30 days tracking on mfp

It’s been 30 days now. Still at 15lbs down because no new number to post. That’s approximately .5 lbs a day. That’s fantastic. I’m still eating basically whatever I want, within reason, and exhaling that weight away.

I will be doing my weigh in Saturday and updating my measurements and taking my update monthly pictures Monday before work.

Enough for today.

Keep it going,


Punch Drunk Musings

Hi all,

I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night. Various things to blame, my own brain most of all. So, for many years ( basically since moving in) I’ve wanted a privacy fence in front. I have decided on something unique that I can do a piece at a time. So that came to me oh around 3am. It’s called a Gabion wall.

Gabion wall example

I plan for it to be similar to this but smaller spaced wire, smaller rocks and the top 6-9 inches to be dirt and flowers of some sort, probably Hyacinths.

Anywho enough of my abstract thoughts. Today is an off day for exercise. Woo, I’m glad since I’m exhausted. I did get a new recent high yesterday for my walk length. ( recent as in past few months furthest I’ve walked) of .79 of a mile. It actually was probably closer to .85 as I had my hrm paused for a few minutes of walking. I’ll be up to making the round trip 1.6 mile trip to the store soon.

Hi lotto tickets haha!

Mo lottery

I am just so bursting with ideas lately.

Well, enough for now.

Keep it going,


The Scheduled Video Check In

Hi all,

Pretty chill Monday so far. I slept in, which is rare but always nice. It looks like it only rained a tiny bit, meaning if we don’t get a solid rain in the next day or two I will have to haul the hose way over to water the garden. We shall see. We have a decent chance the next few days.

But wait!

Why did I start with a garden/weather update? The title clearly says Video Check In, so where’s the YouTube link? There should be no link needed. I updated the site so enjoy the video below.

Kimmie 6/07/21

Hopefully, that is clear and slightly better than the last couple. We shall see, I suppose. I plan to do those every Monday. I plan to try to record the dancerobics probably next week if I can get everything set up right.

Off I head now to exercise.

Keep it going,