Too Many Pots

Hi all,

I definitely need to actually make and follow a schedule. I have way too many directions things I’m doing. I love and believe in them all, but things like my blogging get pushed aside way too quick.

Well, this post will update a few things. I have submitted my provisional patent and registered my corporation. My next step on the thigh guard front is the tags, bags and labels. I have some testers lined up. While testing is happening, I will work on creating a couple hundred of them for sales.

On the walking front, I’m now fairly easily covering over 4 miles in round trips now. I don’t know how much further I will push that on walking. Maybe 6 total, one of these days.

I did lose some inches last month, even if the scale didn’t cooperate to reflect it.

Now on to my other goals. I plan to start seeds tomorrow or Monday. I also have chicks scheduled to arrive in just after Easter. So, my guy and I have to finish securing the chicken run so foxes can’t dig in any longer. ( That’s what killed all of them last year.) We also will be making a trip to Jacob’s Cave April 1st. Hoping there will be way more animals in spring then there was in fall of 2000.

So, have I used my Vitamix? Yep! I love it! So far just made soup. It’s awesome. Going to do a smoothie this morning. I plan to upload recipes as I and my guy taste approve them here and on Instagram.

Any who, I have to get started now. Enjoy your day!

Keep it going,


Plateau Broken. I’m Back!

Hi All,

Sorry I’ve been mia for over a month. I had a nasty cold for a couple weeks and then we had a ton of snow and I just wasn’t motivated.

I got that motivation back with a vengeance a week or so ago and now am at 273.8lbs.

I am highly unlikely at this point to win the mini challenge I was on, but am still ( barely) ahead on the main challenge. I want to do another 3 month challenge. Still choosing between a group or solo.

I did get my refund for the May Challenge since I was still steady losing so I can pay ahead.

I also decided to take a big leap and investment. I shall have it delivered tomorrow. What you ask? Well….

Vitamix Ascent A3500

Yep I just paid a fortune for a blender.

Well, I was looking into replacing my little bullet type I had as it was just so-so and I’d never really gone deeper into blenders.

I grew up with a blender just being something we made milkshakes with occasionally and the cheap-o we had worked fine.

Why did I choose this pricey thing? Well, It’s a great blender, made in the USA and has a 10 year warranty. It also has been around like a century and is still controlled by the same family. All the reviews (like over 95% ) are positive.

So, this purchase may, very well, be what causes the recipes area to grow after all this time.

Anywho, will post tomorrow or Wednesday with more updates and info.

Keep it going,


New Year New Recap

Hi all,

I have goals and drive as I head into this year. I hope you all do as well!

Keep it going!


2021Wrap Up

Hi all,

I figured I’d post today and list some of my accomplishments and steps I’ve successfully taken this year!

First, I committed to losing the weight. Commitment is always the first hurdle to a goal.

Second, I actually lost over 57lbs is 7 months.

I wrote 2 books, one for each 25lbs of loss on this journey.

Fourth, I was able to exercise every week without fail.

Fifth, I went from barely able to walk 1/4 of a mile to now easily walking 3.85 in one setting and over 4 in two.

Next, I only missed 1 week of posting at least once here.

Seventh, I invented a product and am 3/4 done with applying for the patent.

Eighth, I was able to arrange a small group for the group book and all contracts have been signed!

Ninth, I have been on point with gratitude, goal setting and taking needed steps.

Tenth, I was recognized and promoted twice at work this year.

Lastly, ( I’m sure there’s more but that’s all that came to mind) I am now finally a member of the YMCA again. Monday should be my first work out there in over 6 years.

Joined 12/30/2021

2022 holds nothing but hope and positivity for me in so many ways! I am seizing this year!

Keep it going,


Are You Sure it’s Not Monday?

Hi all,

Ok, I’m late again, but hey just one day this time!


So, there you have it!

The YMCA will be joined this week with that joiner fee being waved.

If you feel a need for gym equipment or group activity, check your local YMCA out.

Some people really can use some group activity these days.

Keep it going,