Touchstones and Limiting Beliefs

Hi all,

It’s a beautiful Wednesday in the Ozarks. I hope your day has been going well. I got some good sleep so feel much better today.

I wanted to touch a bit on beliefs. We all were brought into this world and landed into a world of beliefs. I’m not referring specifically to faith or religion here. The beliefs I refer to here are often deeper from my experience. If you grew up somewhere in lower middle class to poverty it’s extremely possible you were raised around a lot of limiting beliefs. Even if you were raised fairly financially well off you likely have at least some of these. They could be still floating in not only your concious mind but embedded into your subconscious.

*Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees.

*You can’t do anything right.

*Get Your Head Out of The Clouds.

*Life Isn’t a Game.

*Grow up!

There are more infamous sayings I could list here, but I think that’s enough to get my point across. I didn’t grow up in a household that I didn’t get tastes of these beliefs myself. Yes, that’s what these sayings are. They are all beliefs. There’s a question you need to ask yourself if you find yourself echoing one of these or any other limiting belief.

Does this serve me?

If you truly feel you it is somehow helping you to be happier, healthier and more at peace then it’s not limiting you. For most though, we say these things to ourself as a sort of excuse for why something didn’t happen or why we shouldn’t try something. They are the essence of limitation.

How do you work beyond these limitations? Well, there are numerous methods and you should find what feels right to you. I use many myself.

One of the more basic is stones or gems. I have always liked rocks. I used to collect them as a little kid and keep them on a shelf. Unique shapes or shades drew my eye and it was picked up. As I got older I researched what they were and what beliefs were associated with the type of rock. To this day if I see a stone I like I often will pick it up. These days, though, that often means paying someone. haha!

These rocks have literally become my touchstones that I will use in a variety of fashions to help my peace.

Some of my stones 7/21/21

Do these stones actually have power? They may or it may only be my positive beliefs in them recycled back to me. Either way they help me. That is all that matters. They help me dispel limiting beliefs.

Find your own versions of touchstones. This will help you on whatever your journey is.

Keep it going,


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