How Many Prototypes?

Hi all,

It’s another fabulous Monday. I hope your day is going well.

I finished prototype 3 for the thigh guards yesterday and tested it today with a half mile brief walk. I have fixed some things but new issues raised their heads. So, that means on to prototype 4.

I also checked my garden today. The tomato plants out there are getting big for sure. Next weekend I need to spend an hour or so cleaning out some of the weeds crowding stuff. Other than a couple that didn’t survive transplanting, all seem to be doing well.

I didn’t weigh in today since I have way over normal sodium yesterday. I had two of the sandwiches I showed yesterday. The fat and protein ended up over. It was filling and good to keep the body guessing with something different.

Well, I have a few things I need get done before work in a bit.

Keep it going,


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