A Gratitude Attitude

Hi all,

Have you ever thought of how much you have to the grateful for? I try to give thanks daily. I have so much in my life I am eternally grateful for. It definitely helps me. Maybe try adding this to your day to see if it helps in your journey. Just sit for a few minutes and think of everything you can, past and present that you are grateful to have in your life. It only take a couple minutes and if you can’t think of much, just say thank you internally a few times. Gratitude can move mountains.

Alrighty, onto the weightloss journey news. Out of the blue, I decided to go for a walk yesterday. I knew my next walk would be to test how far I could go towards the YMCA. I am proud to say, I made it to see the YMCA. I would have had to go about another quarter mile to be at the front door because of it’s layout but I made it onto the grounds it resides on. It was a round trip of 1.6 miles. To get to the front door of the YMCA, I need to add about another half mile for the round trip.

Walk from 7/13/21

So, this walk is harder than the one I have basically mastered to the store. Not just because it’s a bit longer, but because of how the hills are layed out. I can definitely feel the longer walk in my legs today. I would estimate, it will take 3-4 more walks to have me comfortable with this walk before adding further distance.

I did have to sit twice on the walk because of how high my heart was getting. I did hit over 170 at one point, which I hadn’t done in weeks now.

Well, there you have the newest progress for today.

Keep it going,


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