New Numbers to Share

Hi all,

It’s a partly cloudy Sunday here in mid Missouri. I will be heading out for a walk soon. I also will be back to working on the prototype soon.

I slept late today. Isn’t that what days off are for?

So, the scale decided to drop again. I was at 317.2 naked yesterday. ( that is how I usually weigh myself because that’s how I sleep)Today, it was 316.4 naked. I also decided to try with my normal house dress on and it was 317.2 lbs. That means my dress weighs about 0.8lbs which is good to know.

Also, I got a message from Healthy Wage on the 3 month challenge when I posted my weight there.


Remember that is only for the mini challenge. On the full challenge ( 18 months) I am down over 5%. It’s been 48 days since I started tracking. It’s been 44 days on Healthy Wage.

My goal loss for Healthy Wage is losing 35.76% in total. That puts me 16% of the way to this goal.

As far as my personal goals. 300lbs is the first step on those. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve been 300lbs or less. The last below 300lb weight login I have was on myfitnesspal in September of 2017.

It’s crazy how years fly by when we aren’t paying attention.

Well, off I go to get things done.

Keep it going,


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