Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Hi all,

Yep, it once again is a fabulous Sunday. Yesterday we had to replace one of our AC units. It was the one in my room. It was the original that had come with the house and,after multiple years, just worked less and less. We replaced it and now it’s much more comfy all over the house. Exercise should be less sweaty as well 🙂

Today I will be making something forbidden by so many when they’re in the process of losing weight. Pasta. And worse still, Alfredo pasta. Each portion of this is between 500 and 700 calories depending on how I make it. Can it be made healthier? Yes. Is it unhealthy as I make it? No.

Something that took me a while to understand and the accept is there is no unhealthy food, really. There are unhealthy habits, portions and feelings around foods. Yes, some people may react to certain foods different ways and some may find it easier to avoid certain situations entirely. That isn’t a fully healthy long term solution for many, though.

If I were to over eat ( eat beyond my hunger or needs) then that would be unhealthy. Over the past 30 years or so portions commonly sold and shown are far more than an average person should consume. I, like most, was unaware of how much I actually needed to feel full.

I also no longer eat my feelings. Yes I enjoy chocolate, but I don’t reach for it because I’m happy or stressed.

Mindlessly eating is another unhealthy habit. Don’t eat directly from a bag unless you are literally counting the individual chips, pretzels, candies or whatever it is your snacking on. How can you keep to portion control or serving sizes unless you know how much you’ve eaten.

For example, I often will have veggie chips and 7 layer dip as a meal or larger snack. I literally count the chips as I eat them so I don’t mindlessly consume too many.

Clancy veggie chips nutrition

Well, I have much still to do today.

Keep it going,


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