Oh No! I Didn’t Lose Weight.

Hi all,

So, it happened. Yep, I’ve now had my first week of zero weight loss according to the scale. ( We already know it’s a filthy liar though)

The scale claims I’m up a pound. All that means is due to stress, dehydration and hormones I’m probably retaining 3 or 4 lbs of water weight. My food diary is open and available for anyone to view on myfitnesspal. Feel free to check out my calories. Lol the fat is being shed. It has no choice.

This situation is temporary, but not good for the 3 month challenge, but the scale will start moving again soon. I have zero doubt on that.

I was going to hit the TG today ( still might later) but the garden needed major weeding and to be prepared for the tomatoes tomorrow. I have baby beans, though. Look!

Anasazi bean sprout

Those were planted last week. They loved the little rain we got last night, but, as you can see, the ground is already dry again.

Well, I have sewing to do and then as soon as the rest of the pieces arrive, the thigh protection will be done.

Keep it going,


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