I Avoided the Scale!

Hi all,

It is a lovely day today, supposed to go up to the low 80s but overall lovely out. My plants are sure to love it. The animals have certainly been twitchy.

So, I did more fast food.



How could I ruin my weight loss?

Again, I was careful about what I chose. I kept within my allotted calorie total. My only concern, and it’s small, was sodium. Sodium isn’t something I tend to mention much these days. A decade ago, when I was stuck in the low 200s, I started obsessing over sodium. I was positive I wasn’t losing because of retaining water. Yeah, that’s not what it was. Haha!

If you have about 20lbs or less to lose, sodium causing water retention can cause major stressful scale weight fluctuations. (You aren’t really gaining 5 lbs in a weekend)That’s another plus for weighing in less often and on a pattern basis. When you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of pounds to lose, sodium shouldn’t be a focus unless you have a medical need to monitor it.

Photo by monicore on Pexels.com

I avoided the scale, though, not from water weight fear, but a need to get back to no more than 2 weigh ins a week. I will aim for Saturday and Wednesday for now.

Well, short, but keeping the streak of posts active. Exercise will happen tomorrow.

Keep it going,


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