Sore muscles and Upping the Ante

So, I upped my legs to level 4 yesterday and have sore thighs today. Do you know what causes that? Micro rips in the muscle happen which then have to be rebuilt and strengthened. Did you also know women tend to have less sore muscle pain than men?

Anywho, Healthy wage also has mini challenges. I’m looking at doing a 3 month team challenge to possibly snag another couple thousand. The beginning of a weightloss journey would be best for a contest like this. There’s also a stipulation, that even if my team doesn’t win, I can weigh back in 6 months afterward and get my entry fee $99 back. I’m hoping to join a team already established. If not this may wait until next month. We shall see.

Money Money Money

I’m not set to do any exercise again until Thursday morning, but depending on how I feel I may sneak something in tomorrow. Best to get all the sore muscle water retention gone before Saturday weigh in.

Anywho, enough for my unscheduled check in.

Keep it going,


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