Prepping for Tripping


We are all set up for the trip. We’re going to Jacob’s Cave swap tomorrow. It’s a huge animal swap/ swap meet. Pretty much anything can be found there. I’m excited. I haven’t been ever, but have wanted to go since first hearing about it 7 years ago.

As this will be a trip involving loads of walking that likely will be miles to log as my exercise tomorrow. I have continued the streak. I will hit the TG hard today for at least 25 minutes, but want to push to 30 if possible. I got up to my 40 goal for pull ups. My next will be 45 then 50. After hitting 50, I’ll probably move my level up to 2. That’s exciting!

I purchased new ankle supportive shoes Tuesday and broke them in/ tested them and my over-supination inserts yesterday. I had no foot pain, ankle pain or anything but minor tired back muscles.

We are bringing a wagon and pop up chairs to break when I need to. I also will be recording a lot. I will share all I can here either Tomorrow night or Saturday depending on uploading issues.

Keep it going,


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