It Can be Hard but I Keep Pushing

So, the knees are again stiff and mildly painful. That means I didn’t get my walk in today, but I did work the legs on level one on the Total Gym to make sure they got exercise today. I also did a few minutes of pull ups as well. So that means I have now gotten 23 days of exercise in this streak!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

I celebrate small victories and exercising with these knees stiff is definitely one of those.

If my knees feel better I will make up my walk tomorrow. My last walk I pushed just a tiny bit further and got to 0.57 of a mile. My trip is only 1 week away. I think I’ll do ok as long as the knees cooperate. I have a wagon and we are bringing some pop out chairs in case I need to suddenly sit. I guarantee this trip will be the most walking I will have done in at least 5 months. I will be charting walking distance and likely record at least some of the trip.

Weigh in day tomorrow. Let’s hope the knees don’t sway the scale much.

Fingers crossed.

Keep it going,

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