My Fitness Pal Predictions

So, this is more just an interesting thing that I’ve never kept track of and want to do.

Basically, every day you complete your food diary at My Fitness Pal they give you a prediction for what you should weigh if you eat this same amount for 5 weeks. I’ve used this site for years and never actually paid attention to how close their prediction are for me.

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See, this is yesterday’s prediction and today’s was a bit higher since I ate a little more than yesterday and burned slightly less calories as well. I actually want to keep track and see how close this lines up. Now, yes, this won’t be perfect, as we all eat and exercise differently each day, but this is more just a curiosity and almost for fun than anything else. . I will give it some leeway and say 320 lbs in 5 weeks.
So that means by October 11th I should weigh that as long as I am fairly consistent about this routine. 15 lbs in 5 weeks is very achievable for someone my size.
What do you think? Will the numbers match up? We shall see.

Keep it going

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