Just Another Gloomy Wednesday

Hi all,

It’s another overcast gloomy looking day in fall. It looks like snow but luckily we aren’t cold enough for that haha! Oh, but a rain downpour did just start.

I’m glad I wasn’t needing to go out there.

I’ve peeked at the scale a couple times this week. I again and pulling in a couple pounds of water weight for some reason. Hopefully that will dissipate in the next couple days so I can get at least a small loss this week.

I pigged on all that chocolate yesterday and still was only around 1500 calories end of day.

Tomorrow I should be back on the Total Gym. Hopefully, no sore muscles this time.

Keep it going,


Butterflies and Chocolate

Hi all,

So today I interviewed for another promotion at work. It would be a step up but as I just got the step up I’m currently in I’m not holding my breath. I did though have some nerves and butterflies in my stomach for the interview haha! It seemed to go fine and either way I am grateful and enjoy my work.

Yesterday evening we went on a walk and I covered the 1.4 miles to the store with my guy. 2.25 mph was brisk for me. 3mph literally is one smidge from jogging for me. I have slightly short legs for my height and take a ton of little steps. My guy puts out like 1/3 of the effort to keep the speed. He lets me set the pave because his normal pace is 3mph or more.

I’ve been writing a bit more. Still have about 9000ish words to go in 2-4 weeks ( depending on how fast my body decides to keep shrinking.). I also will be starting not one but two more books at that point. Woo! Sometimes I think I am putting too many pots on the stove. Sooner or later one will boil over.

I got distracted and didn’t pull out my trike last weekend. So, that is on the agenda for this weekend for sure. Now that I’m much better and stronger walking shape, I wonder how much further I can go on my trike.

The temperature has cooled a fair amount but it’s nice so far and hopefully the vines have a couple more weeks to ripen their fruits.

I have been pigging out on chocolate today, but not as bad as some times before. 5 small pb cookies and a chocolate bar so far. At least it isn’t 21 pb cups. Yes that has happened. Did I mention I’m a pb junkie?

Well, that’s about it for today.

Keep it going,


I Finally Feel Rested

Hi all,

I got some nice solid sleep last night. I woke a bit early, but that was still nearing that 8 hour mark. For the first time in a couple weeks I don’t feel tired.

I made hot cocoa yesterday. It was sweet and decadent and 600 calories! Yes you read that right. 600 calories. So, yes, I did end up a bit over calories yesterday. BUT I’m not worried about it. I was over 1000 calories under Saturday. I was less than 200 over yesterday. It all is still loss territory.

Now, I am edging ever closer to leaving the 290s. Something I haven’t done since 2015.

Weight records

That’s nothing, when I get down below 280 I’ll be looking at 2014 or before. 13 months from now, I will be back nearing record setting lows from 2012.

11 days to the monthly Check in and no, I haven’t forgotten the Monday Recap video. Here it is.


There you have it.

Keep it going,


Sunday Style

Hi all,

Today was more relaxing than accomplishing, but I did get some stuff done.

I got a little cleaning done, gave a dog a bath, did some grocery shopping, and helped a friend with their reviews. I plan to do some writing before I sleep and tomorrow I will see about making adjustments on the prototype. I just want to slim it a bit if possible

Had some good news on my guy, we gave him a big test on his blood sugar and he came back normal so pretty sure he’s in the clear. We have discovered high fructose corn syrup and soy sugar alcohol seem to spike his blood sugar longer than normal sugar does. I’m not surprised by that. Natural is normally better and as bad as sugar can be it is natural. Honey, sugar and stevia so far so good. I’m sire the supplements I have him on help him as well.

Photo by Archana GS on Pexels.com

. Well, I have cooking to do.

Keep it going,


Saturday Sass

Hi all,

It was a bit of a busy day. I only slept in an hour maybe. It was raining, but decided to let up for a few hours. So, we were able to make the 3 mile walk to the library sale. As normal, at most sales we attend, my guy found twice as much as me, but all together we found 9 books to take home.

Once we made it back, I’d burned 1482 calories.

walk 10/02/21

I then got some soaps and such from my good friend Sam. She makes natural soaps, lotion, salves, deodorant and much more. Check out her Etsy.

I also ate well today and posted a 1.8lbs loss. That puts me at 291.4lbs. I’m back nice and ahead in my Healthy Wage challenges. I can’t wait to win that $5,000 in 13 months. If you happen to want to win along with me check out the link.

Well, that’s about it today.

Keep it going,