The Monthly Compare October Edition

Hi all,

Well, I did it! I set another new record for walking distance. Today we walked 4.2 miles. I didn’t really sit or rest. While waiting on crossing signal I leaned heavily on a post, but that was after 3 miles. My heart maxed out at 164 but generally stayer 140-155.

Well next let’s cover the measurements.

In case you missed it there, yes I also lost more weight to report today. I’m now at 287.4lbs!

10/16/2021 Healthy Wage

That puts me just 1.6lbs from 50lbs down. Woo so much more writing to do on that front.

Next, let’s see what the compare pictures show.

Well, there you have it.

Now, let’s figure out what else I need to eat after burning 1700+ calories.

Keep it going,


Big Plans

Hi all,

Tomorrow we plan to try and walk 4+ miles. Big plans.

It’s that far then the 1.4 back home.

Tomorrow also will be the monthly compare and pictures.

I want to have lost another pound but that puts the deadline for book closer haha! I’m 2/3 done.

Well, wish me luck.

Keep it going,


Little Excuses

Hi all,

Today marked the second week I haven’t touched my Total Gym. I am definitely falling behind on exercise in general. I will make up that TG session no later than Saturday. I want the strength training for my arms at least.

It’s been an overcast autumn day today and drizzly. Our highs are the the 60s the next several days with rain on and off.

10/14 week

Should be fabulous walking or trike weather this weekend. Eventually I will get that done.

I need to look where I can go to fax stuff as I can’t move to next step in the patent until I fax and e fax is a no go sadly I discovered last Monday. Ah well persistent pressure made the Grand Canyon and will make my product patent ready soon.

Keep it going,


Every Day in Every Way I’m Getting Better

Hi all,

Yes, I believe that saying. I also repeat positive or cleaning mantras often. Why?

I use them to stay on track, keep negativity away and inspire new ideas or different tracks to solve an issue.

Yes, it’s a mental health post haha! Everyone run away.

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So, yes, if you repeat positive phrases it can truly help you in various places in your life. They’ve helped me on and off for years.

Want to know one of the strongest and fastest ways to get to a healthier more prosperous state? Be grateful. Practice gratitude often. Just take 3 minutes a day to think, write down or state aloud things currently in your life you are grateful for.

Here’s my list today.

  • My family
  • My house
  • My land
  • My guy
  • My job
  • My health
  • My friends
  • My electronics
  • My pets
  • My invention
  • My sewing machine
  • Easily findable info
  • Joe Vitale’s audios
  • Books
  • Blue pens
  • Lovely weather
  • My garden
  • The bed
  • The internet

That’s not all but enough for now. It’s easy. It feels good. It will put a smile on your face if you allow yourself to get into it.

Keep it going,


You Can’t Lose Weight If…

Hi all,

Let’s bust some myths today.

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  1. You can’t lose weight without exercise. Wrong! Busted. 90+% of weight loss is diet. Tons of people lose weight without any extra exercise calories burned.
  2. You have to eat super healthy to lose weight. Wrong! Busted. I and tons of others have proven you can eat like crap and lose weight. Is it healthy? Not likely, but most can lose weight eating anything in portion control whether healthy or junk food.
  3. Carbs are evil! Wrong! Busted. Carbs are a natural part of a balanced diet. Yes, every person is different and some feel better eating more or less carbs, but carbs are not the enemy unless you put yourself on a carb restrictive diet, but overall carbs do not prevent weight loss.
  4. Calories don’t matter if you eat x. Wrong! Busted. Whether they are talking about low carb, cabbage soup, raw food, sea food or whatever new trend they push calories still matter. Yes, it’s proven some diets make losing weight easier or faster, but most all fad diets rely on you still being in a calorie deficit. Protein is filling. It’s fairly hard to eat 2000 plus calories on high protein. Veg and most basic soups are low calorie. You have to have tons to rack up high calories. In the end, it’s going to mostly still just be calories burned vs calories consumed.
  5. Calories from x don’t count. Wrong! Busted. I have literally been told liquid calories don’t turn into fat. I’ve read posts where people claimed calories consumed in certain time frames don’t matter. Calories are calories are calories. No matter their form, if you consume them your body will either burn or store them as fat.
  6. Surgery is someone over 300lbs only hope of losing and keeping weight off. Wrong! Busted. I’m not putting down anyone who chose surgery, but no, it wasn’t your only choice. In almost every case I read surgery was a choice made after failed attempts at weight loss or maintenance because of will power and portion control issues. When you have weight loss surgery such as a sleeve or stomach stapling you just feel full faster so are unable to eat as much and your food choices are more limited. The procedure put you under portion control and helped you make better choices. You could have done both without needing to be cut open. Tons of people over 300lbs successfully lose weight with just lifestyle changes and have just as much chance of keeping it off as people who start with less to lose.
  7. You shouldn’t exercise until you reach x weight. Wrong! Busted. If you choose to exercise your weight doesn’t matter. Sure, you may have more limited options. You may be slower or need adjustment, but my 600lb uncle was walking to lose weight so if you let your weight stop you it’s an excuse.

That’s it for today. Hope these busted myths helped someone.

Keep it going,