A Peek at Jacob’s Cave

Here is the 5 minutes of video I took. Mostly I recorded some of the animals and on the way back showed the lake. Camden County, which is north of us, is Lake of the Ozarks area.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy.

Keep it going,

Weighing In on the Trip

Well, I’m back 🙂

So, we made a trip of about an hour to go to the largest swap meet and animal swap in Missouri. It generally happens 3 times a year. The first two generally are in Spring and summer and the final at the beginning of fall. Being unable to get things needed (Like Porta Potties) caused them to cancel the first two but the Fall swap seemed to go on without a hitch.

I didn’t take as much video as I figured I would. I guess I’m not a natural Photo journalist after all. I did take a few short shots, mostly of the animals for sale. I’ll post that video later today. We had a decent time. I walked over a mile and we were there over two hours. I only took two breaks. That was better than I thought I’d do.

I thought the hills were bad here. Ha! My calves were literally shaking on the walk back to the vehicle because it was mostly walking down hill. My calves are quite sore today. So, that of course effected the scale this morning.

If that’s what you’re reading for well here’s your reward.


So, the downward progress continues. Doesn’t look like I’m going to meet the goal of 320lbs by October 11th like MFP predicted all those weeks ago.

Since my calves are so sore, I’ll likely work the arms a bunch today.

Keep it going,

Prepping for Tripping


We are all set up for the trip. We’re going to Jacob’s Cave swap tomorrow. It’s a huge animal swap/ swap meet. Pretty much anything can be found there. I’m excited. I haven’t been ever, but have wanted to go since first hearing about it 7 years ago.

As this will be a trip involving loads of walking that likely will be miles to log as my exercise tomorrow. I have continued the streak. I will hit the TG hard today for at least 25 minutes, but want to push to 30 if possible. I got up to my 40 goal for pull ups. My next will be 45 then 50. After hitting 50, I’ll probably move my level up to 2. That’s exciting!

I purchased new ankle supportive shoes Tuesday and broke them in/ tested them and my over-supination inserts yesterday. I had no foot pain, ankle pain or anything but minor tired back muscles.

We are bringing a wagon and pop up chairs to break when I need to. I also will be recording a lot. I will share all I can here either Tomorrow night or Saturday depending on uploading issues.

Keep it going,


25 days in On Streak

Hi all!

Did some exercises today and clenched 25 days of exercise streak. Didn’t push too hard today but put 24 total minutes in between some pedalling and arm work with the Total Gym. I am up to 35 pull ups now with the wing bars. 30 was rough last week, so I am slowly getting stronger!

I also got my weekly tally from MyFitnessPal. Figured I’d share that again.

I also came across a picture I figured I’d share. I don’t know the origin of the picture but I did not take it, nor do I claim to own it.

I’m down 6.8lbs so probably at least 5lbs of pure fat. It’s a small piece of the puzzle but every piece adds to the full picture.

I’ll check in here at least once more before my trip Friday. I plan to video at least some of that day. Hoping to get miles of walking done 🙂

Keep it going,


Weighing In On It

Hi there!

Saturday is here and the weigh in has happened. The verdict is in.

Photo by Eneida Nieves on Pexels.com

Drumroll …


So, there is most of the loss at least. Still holding onto to some water weight, I’m sure.

It is always great to see hard work paying off.

My knees feel almost normal today so I may venture out and try another walk. If not, I’ll hit the Total Gym extra hard.

It’s a beautiful day here. I hope it’s a lovely wherever you’re reading this from.

Keep it going,

It Can be Hard but I Keep Pushing

So, the knees are again stiff and mildly painful. That means I didn’t get my walk in today, but I did work the legs on level one on the Total Gym to make sure they got exercise today. I also did a few minutes of pull ups as well. So that means I have now gotten 23 days of exercise in this streak!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

I celebrate small victories and exercising with these knees stiff is definitely one of those.

If my knees feel better I will make up my walk tomorrow. My last walk I pushed just a tiny bit further and got to 0.57 of a mile. My trip is only 1 week away. I think I’ll do ok as long as the knees cooperate. I have a wagon and we are bringing some pop out chairs in case I need to suddenly sit. I guarantee this trip will be the most walking I will have done in at least 5 months. I will be charting walking distance and likely record at least some of the trip.

Weigh in day tomorrow. Let’s hope the knees don’t sway the scale much.

Fingers crossed.

Keep it going,

Yes, They Call Me The Streak!!

Definitely not the fastest thing on two feet.

But I’m setting my news, rarely wearing tennis shoes and I am quite unique.

(If you don’t get my reference there search the Streak and listen to it)

Yes I made it to 20 days of Exercise in a row.

I also moved up to level 4 on my legs on the total gym today. Definitely could feel a bit of difference but I pressed on and put my 11 minutes in there, the two minutes of the core exercise (no longer sore), and then about 12 minutes of arms. (I did 30 pull-ups. Woo the arms were begging me to stop for sure. )

Still doing well cycling the calories and feeling hopeful for the scale in 4 days.

Keep it going,