Water! What is it good for? Absolutely Everything!

Say it again!


So, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but here it comes for me. Drink more water! The average person doesn’t drink near enough pure water. This is especially true for those carrying quite a few extra pounds. From research, it has been found that most Americans drink around 4 cups of water a day and then several more cups of liquids that aren’t water.

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So, hey that at least means most people shouldn’t be straight out dehydrated. It also means, though, that you likely are taking in extra calories from that latte, chocolate milk, Coke or Powerade. You also are making your body filter more to get the water from these substances and, if they are caffeinated, you actually discount some of the positive effects the water gives.

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How much should you aim for? Depending on your size, activity level, sweat output and natural tendencies your needed water level will vary. If you have a super lazy day, you may be fine with 5 or 6 cups in climate controlled space. If you are more than 20lbs of fat overweight, you may need to up that by a cup or two. If you are moderately active, ( more than 2 hours on your feet, walking 8000+ steps a day) you likely should be taking in 8-12 cups a day. If you sweat a lot, are very active ( More than 6 hours on your feet, 12,000+ steps), exercised extra hard, then you might need closer to a gallon of water a day.

Use your own judgement. How often are you going to the bathroom? If you are well hydrated you should urinate every 2-3 hours. Your skin will look generally healthier and fuller when you are well hydrated. The dark circles under your eyes generally will lighten some. Your nails will be stronger. Your urine color should lighten but vitamins or supplements can prevent that. Mostly, look on how you feel. It’s not impossible, but it’s very hard to drink too much water. Just try to consume it fairly evenly through the day. Too much too fast isn’t as good.

How can it help you lose weight, though?

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Drinking cold water actually makes you burn more calories because it has to warm it. It helps you feel more full if you drink before, while or directly after eating. That generally means you eat less. Giving your body what it needs means it works less hard in that fashion and can focus on building muscle. Remember, muscles also take more calories to maintain, therefore you will burn more. If you have to get up to go the bathroom every couple hours, at least you are on your feet moving that often. Oh, and adding lime juice to warm water is actually supposed to aide digestion and boost health in several ways.

Water is just good for you and should be a focus of not only weight loss but good health.

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Total Gym is Up.

Ok, I’m not an exerciser by choice. It’s uncomfortable, exhausting, and I don’t feel good before during or after it. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I dread it but it’s never making my list of things I like to do. The Total Gym might just change that.

So, I have a used Total Gym XL. I got it for $30 from a local auction. It didn’t come with any accessories, but, for that price, I can afford to slowly add what I want for it. If you can find one for under $100 in working condition snap it up! Chuck Norris was right; this thing is awesome.

I never really got out of breath but felt my muscles working and even worked up a sweat. 20 minutes flew by. I need major *major* work on the arm muscles. All of that was extremely hard for me compared to the squat exercises and other leg work I did today. I can feel that I’m going to have sore muscles but I know that’s really a good thing. The gliding kind of felt fun, somehow. I was able to punch and lift my arms to keep my upper body moving and heart rate up while doing squats and similar.

So, yeah I would recommend a total gym machine for someone needing to lose major weight or just get in better shape. I can see it working for the vast majority of people.

So, today marks day 3 of the exercise streak. I plan a short walk tomorrow and hey, if I can, might do some more total gym work.

Soon the room will be fully ready for better pictures and even video. Until then you’ll get peaks and my simple written words.

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The Numbers Are In

TGIF everyone. Ok, before you throw something at me, yeah, I know this isn’t the start of everyone’s weekend ( much less a 3 day weekend). I used to be off Monday and Tuesday for a long time and then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Whenever your weekend starts, enjoy it!

So, back to the point of today’s post. I weighed in and took all my normal measurements.

close up photo of yellow tape measure

All but one were higher( some substantially so) then back in March. Well, that’s what being a sloth and eating loads of food does-it’s pretty expected.

Drumroll please…

  • Weight : 335.8 lbs
  • Fat Percentage : 52.5 %
  • V02max: 28
  • Neck: 15.3 inches
  • Bust: 60 inches
  • Left Bicep (Not flexed) : 15.5 inches
  • Waist: 52.5 inches
  • Hips: 62 inches
  • Left Thigh: 28.8 inches
  • Left Calf 20.3 inches

I also got in the dancerobics as I’d planned and got a little more done in the room. The Total Gym should be set up tomorrow and first go on it- At least I wasn’t too heavy for it .

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So… You know you’re in terrible shape when…

I decided to take a short walk after work today. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I live in a fairly hilly area, but that is no excuse for the pitiful shape I find myself. It’s quite possible I’m in the worst shape of my life (That includes when I was over 400lbs).

It’s only been a couple months since I was either walking or cycling several times a week; I mostly stopped because of the heat. The walk I took today should have taken no more than 8 minutes for the average person. With my short step and feet, it would probably take me an average of 10 minutes. It took me 14 minutes to walk about a half a mile.

Yes, you read that right.

But hey, I’m not a generally negative person. Every journey starts somewhere and this is the starter for me.

My stats will be updated tomorrow and my first attempt on the Total Gym will be Saturday and another walk most likely Sunday.

Lower temperatures will likely help but overall I just need to be in better physical shape.

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So when is the exercise going to start?

Woo! So, I had planned to start the exercising last weekend but the room still isn’t quite ready yet and that is really my only space indoors for exercise; plus, I want to be using my Total Gym Machine that I got a few weeks back.

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I got it second hand for a great deal (As long it does actually work, Fingers crossed)

I had to clean out a room we were using for storage and this will be my space for exercise and more. Once it’s ready I will share pictures and that’s where most exercise related videos will be from.

Everything should be ready for starting steady exercise by this weekend as all the major supplies has come in and everything major is out of the way.

What all do I have for exercise? Well, to start I will do a combination of what I call Dancercize (Which is just me semi dancing and doing aerobics to music) and using the Total Gym system. I’m sure in the awful shape I’m in both will be pitiful the first week or two. I’m persistent and will keep going and that is a trait we all can use.

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I will be posting my current stats Friday or Saturday on here. that will include my weight, measurements and hopefully my BMI (As long as my tester still works) and my V02 Max score.

So look for all those updates coming soon and also watch for pictures of me and my space as well.

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