Sore Muscles and Sad Scales

Today was weigh in day. I did my normal morning routine and then hopped on that scale… and it mocked me.

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No worries. I’m not upset. It always stinks to see the numbers going the opposite way that you want, but I know how weight loss works. You WILL NOT see a loss every single week, especially when you are exercising hard and a female.

I have multiple sore muscles from using the Total Gym harder or in new ways. Sore muscles equal water retention. For some one that size that can be anywhere from 2-6 pounds of water retention.

I’m 100% positive I’ve logged all my calories and MFP has never steered me wrong in the past 9 years. I’ll show a couple examples of the calories I’ve consumed. The first will be Net calories (Calories minus any extra exercise logged).

Next is the Calories in general. This is how much I ate each day.

At 1950 Calories a day I should lose about 1.8lbs a week with a sedentary life. With an “office” job my life is considered primarily sedentary.


Keep it going,

Accessories arrive. Oh My!

Woo! So got through day 16 of my exercise streak.

My core/ abs are so sore from one of the stretching exercises I’ve been doing the past few days. Took a walk yesterday. Still harder than it should be, but it’s mostly just my back that starts getting tired and aching. From what I’ve researched it’s the muscles that are weak back there and the back/ spine and muscles surrounding it, have to compensate and work harder to do balance on these inclines we have. That means these are harder, but I have done this core work the last few days that hopefully will start to help.

The accessories I got for my Total gym came in and I used the wing bars, went through all the training cards (Some of those exercises are still a long way off for me), and in a day or two, I will try the leg extenders.
So yeah I did pull ups! Pull ups!! That’s what the wing bars attachments are for.

See the source image

I really may have to take back the hatred I have of exercise. I really am starting to like the Total Gym machine. Some moves are still insanely hard, some I know I can’t do yet at all but working harder each time, putting in a little more time, and knowing I’m going to be moving up to the next level on the legs soon, are all exciting.

Weigh in day tomorrow. I will post the results here, no matter what.

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Two Week Streak!

We all have different things that motivate us. My streak motivates me to keep going. I finish my exercise and get to add a day on the white board. I’ve finally reached 14 days. Yes two straight weeks of some sort of exercise each day, even with three days of stiff knees.

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You can see I’ve added some things to my whiteboard space. Since it’s like wallpaper I can always add more space if I need to, as well. Those are more goal weights. Not sure yet what I will reward myself with when I hit those goals. I’ll need to think about it more. 200 lbs has the asterisk by it because that will be huge for me. I have NEVER been 200lbs or lower in my adult life. In fact, I am pretty sure I was already over 200lbs in Junior high. So whatever my reward for then, it will be something big!

I’m 5′ 7″ so my goal weight is supposed to be between 125 and 155 according to most charts I’ve seen. When I get closer to that It will be easier to be sure. When I was at 206.6 lbs (My all time low) I had at least 50 lbs to go from what I could see.


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Kimmie’s Guacamole Recipe

Hiya all!
I decided to share my homemade guacamole recipe today. Guacamole is one of those things you can customize to you taste. Basically the only standard is avocado.


1 medium Avocado
2 tablespoons salsa (medium or hot I prefer but choose what you like)
1 tablespoon sour cream ( can be regular or light )
Garlic to taste (This can be fresh pureed or powdered. A little can go a long way)
1 teaspoon pepper (red or black)
1/2 teaspoon salt

Optional : cilantro, onion, fresh tomato or tomato paste

Make it your own.

I generally can easily mix by hand by mashing the avocado by hand in a bowl with a spoon and then mixing in the salsa, sour cream and seasoning items. Blend it well. I generally eat dips with saltine crackers instead of chips. I find them more filling and I crave eating less of them.

Overall the guacamole will range between 300 and 400 calories depending on the size of the avocado and if more sour cream is used. That is for the full recipe. Saltines are usually about 10 calories per cracker.

So generally, if you eat this for a meal it will be around 400-450 calories for the guacamole and 10-12 crackers.

How do you eat your guacamole? Do you even like it?

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Weekly Snapshots and Stiff Knees

So, I’ve been struggling to maintain my exercise streak the past few days ( today included) because my knees are a bit swollen and stiff. I’ve gotten some exercise in over the weekend and will get something in today as well. It’s just harder when my knees get puffy. This happens due to storms and fronts. It’s happened ever since moving into this higher elevation.

It’s down to just the right knee today so hopefully back to normal in another day or two. It sucks when your body prevents you from working as hard as you want to. We all have our limits, though.

Anywho, today will mark day 12 of my exercise streak. I’ll probably lower the TG and majorly work the arms. MyFitnessPal gives users weekly reviews to show you how you’re doing. You can see from mine, that between diet and exercise I should be fine for my goal of 1.5-2lbs a week.

Always good to see the breakdown like this. I love data and statistics for some reason.

Anyhow, life continues and the journey carries on.

Keep it going,