I Been a Bad Bad Bloggers

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t posted like I should. I am apologizing not just to to you all but to me as well. I use this blog to show where I’m at, how I’m feeling and what I’m doing. I have so many pans on the stove of my life and November has just been rough. The time change, getting dark over an hour before I get off work has messed me up. I’m not used to working this late. I’m going to adjust and have still been walking on my weekends.

I have also been eating more than I should and that hasn’t helped my mood.

A few things have happened lately to improve my mood. We got an adorable green cheek conure to celebrate my newest promotion.

They are yet to be named and are very food motivated so shoukd train well.

Next I did log a little loss as of this morn. So, I am now down 52.2lbs! Whoop whoop!

This is what I’ve lost in the current 6% shorter challenge

I forgot to do my monthly check in Monday, so that will be late but done Saturday.

Back on track.

Keep it going,


The Vacation Comes to an End

Hi all,

So, I got a decent amount done over my vacation. Not everything, of course, but a good amount.

I didn’t lose much,


That puts me at 285lbs even.

My guy and I have decided to get an African Grey as our next pet. I’ve wanted one since I was a teen and have researched them a ton. Locating one shall be a pain. I have a decent lead on where to start. A new pet was one of my self rewards haha! I don’t recall which one.

I plan to walk over to join the Y in the next week or two.

I purchased jeans to further test the thigh guards. As of 285lbs I’m in a size 22 jeans. They are comfortable, not too snug or baggy.

Anywho, I plan to do a video and make a separate post today.

Until then,

Keep it going,


I Just Realized

Hi all,

It’s been like 2 weeks since I did a Monday check in. Sorry bout that guys. I will do my best to make one this Monday.

I walked the 2.4 mile round trip this morn. Maybe doing another walk when my guy gets off. We shall see.

I’m terrible about remembering to turn the light off for the basement plants. I’ll try to get a timer soon so hopefully the plants survive a while more. I got the area all ready for working on the prototypes tomorrow. I also did some mild cleaning and got some gaming in 🙂

Yes I ate 3 donuts haha! But hey 600 calories isn’t terrible when the walk burned over 1000.

I may weigh in again tomorrow and see if I’ve shed the water weight pizza gave me. Saturday should have a loss hopefully.

Now, on to writing.

Keep it going,


Getting it All Together

Hi all,

I have been cleaning the house the last few days and polishing off the Halloween pizza. I also have gotten 3 out of the 4 people wanted to do the group book. If no fourth appears by end of the week then shall go forward with just the 3 plus me 50lb+ losers.

Still doing well on both current challenges.

I went on a walk today and plan a longer one for tomorrow.

The reason for the walk tomorrow? Lol A stroll to a local donut shop. I guarantee I burn more calories than I shall eat.

My plans for tomorrow also include making the next prototype. This weekend I will buy some jeans to start walking in and testing the guards on to see if any adjustments are needed for that use.

Anywho, it will be a productive rest of the week off for sure. Plus some gaming time snuck in.

Keep it going,


No Trick or Treaters

Hi all,

It was a good mostly relaxing day. I got some cleaning done and decided to order pizza for Samhain. We have a butt load of candy left and got zero trick or treaters sadly. Even last year we got a handful. Not sure if we missed the memo for it being done yesterday or what. Ah well.

I weighed in this morning and was down to 285.2lbs. That puts me down 50.8lbs total and 50.4 at Healthy Wage.


I’m not quite done with the 50 down book with 2000 or so words to go, but should be finished this week.

I may actually put off ending the 50lb book until my next monthly check in pictures. We shall see.

Well, overall a good start to the vacation.

Keep it going,