Getting Back on Track

Hi all,

There have been numerous set backs and stress, but those are but excuses. I have allowed laziness to rule, plain and simple.

It’s May and it’s been 6 more months of being over 300lbs. In fact, I’m almost 5lbs heavier now than when I started last August/September. I never did get around to posting videos. I will now. I plan to update my subscription here to be able to upload video directly. I also will be putting the videos on youtube and the facebook page.

I won’t get into what started the setbacks. I’m back to pushing and it’s that simple.

I will get back to walking and using the total gym. First I need to get my room back in order. My room is over cluttered and a mess. This weekend I will finish getting it back in order. My rugs need to be washed, shelves reorganized, windows cleaned, cobwebs knocked down and even then it will still be crowded but the best area I have for me.


How ’bout some positive? Lol well, I have some chicks growing, they about 5 weeks old. Most of them I won’t be keeping, but chicks are always fun.

I also am happy to say the mini Christmas tree I got in December actually survived this year. We nicknamed it Tim ( tiny Tim) and he lost a bunch of his needles but now has all of them back. I’ve tried doing this almost every year for 7 years and Tim has been our only success.

I also have some young fig trees and berries growing. I tried to start tomatoes and cucumbers early but took too long to separate them. So, will be starting over on those, but have plenty of time where I am to still get plenty for harvest. My peach tree also survived and one of the hazelnut trees I planted in fall.

I plan to do an official weigh in Saturday. My exercise schedule will start out Monday, Thursday and Saturday. I hope to work up to every day but lately just been lacking endurance. I will do the first of that this Thursday. Trying to decide whether it’s better to do it early before work or late after work. I hate getting up earlier. I work a flex/split schedule now. 4 days 9 hours one 4 hours. Thursday would be the only day I’d have to get up earlier which I figure is the better choice. We shall see.

I’ll be back in a few days.

Keep it going,


3 more down and sweets!


Hi all! Sorry I missed the last week of post and weigh in. I forgot to weigh in then got busy so kept forgetting to post. As you can see I lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. Not bad for as lackadaisical as I’ve been on exercise.

Not to fear, I kept the streak going. I’m at 59 days. Sure some days I only burned 100 calories. One day it was only 90 calories but each day has been activity that kept me active that I don’t normally do. So, the streak is still going strong.

I went over my calories by about 50 or so one day last week. This wasn’t nice to see but I didn’t let it bug me. I knew I was still at a deficit. To truly lose weight and get healthier, you take it a day at a time. I’ve yet to have a day where all I ate was peanut butter cups, so I consider that winning. I’m down 16lbs in 2 months so more winning.

I’ll check back in in a few days with measurements stats.

Keep it going,


The BIG 50


No It’s not pounds yet. ( that day is a few months off still) It’s day 50 on the streak!!!

As you can see, the stats are looking better and better, week by week. My next walk I will try to get to at least .9 if not 1 mile. I’m up to 30 pull ups on level two (It still rough so at least a 2-3 more session before I try for 35.

How has the week been going? Well my knees were stiff The first three days of it so they were all lackluster at best. One of them I only went 8 minutes for goodness sake! I kept pushing though and didn’t break my streak. Humans can pretty much accomplish anything we truly want and set our minds and hearts to. I have those set to getting in better shape and slimming down.

So, how do I think the weigh-in will be this Saturday? I haven’t gone over calories any. I was just under a couple days, but should still have over a 1lb loss. I doubt it will be 2lbs this time though after having 2 of those in a row. We shall see.

More stress has been removed with the dead Elm now being down and mostly packed off. Cost me about half my check but one step closer to my sheep. Have I mentioned that here yet? I don’t think I have. I’ve been wanting to get a dairy animal for at least 5 years, if not more. Starting my next check (2 weeks from tomorrow) I am saving up for the fence and then the sheep. Yes there are dairy sheep.

See the source image

But enough of that here. If anyone wants more info on them, I’ll update my homestead blog as I have more info.

Anywho, enough for now.

Keep it going,

Day Late but Updating the Scale.

Hi all,

So, I got busy and distracted yesterday and forgot to make my post here. I’m still on the good track. I’m still on my way to my next goal. Here’s my newest weigh in from yesterday morning.


So 23.2 pounds away from the 300lb goal. At 300lbs I’m likely going to reward myself with buying a show I really like. I’ve been eyeing Shelly Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre but the collection is around $55 or so used in decent shape.

I remember and adored several of these tales from the 80’s. I rarely indulge myself in things like this so this makes a good reward for me.

Did I ever post my goal/reward list? I don’t remember doing so so I shall now.

  • 300lbs Show or game you really like, up to $60
  • 275lbs Pet or similar
  • 250lbs YMCA (Pool) membership
  • 225lbs 5 new outfits (I’ll likely need them at that point. Pants are already a bit baggy)
  • 200lbs This has to be something special as I’ve been aiming for this goal for years.
  • 180lbs Hair cut, possibly get highlights again. I liked it the one time I did.
Hair Layered and Highlighted
  • 160lbs A bellybutton ring ( I plan to wear midriff showing outfits)
  • 155lbs My ultimate goal in weight (To my knowledge) At minimum a full new wardrobe and likely more.

So there it is. My goals and rewards for set milestones.

Better health is, of course, the best reward. Being able to walk or cycle miles is even more reward. Speaking of walking I did go for a walk yesterday and hit my new record of .77 of a mile. I’ll be back to walking to the store in another few jaunts. It’s about .6 there so a total of 1.2 round trip.

Anywho, enough for now.

Keep it going,

The Answer to the Meaning of Life and Everything…

You should know I like bad references by now. If you haven’t guessed yet I’m, of course, referring to The Hitchhiker ‘s Guide to the Galaxy and that amazing number it spoke of. 

That number is 

Woo! Just got done with a quick 15 minute dance-aerobics and TG session. 

I should probably take a walk tomorrow or Saturday. It’s supposed to rain Sunday so those are my best two options. I haven’t really taken a walk since the trip. I need to see if the indoor work is helping me get back to stronger walking. At least the new shoes are better for it than the okd ones were.

Have had some issues with the city and our yard which is why I haven’t been posting as much. We got that all settled, hopefully for good. I have kept up my food diary and exercise streak. I will try to get back in the swing of every other day on here. 

Keep it going,