The Sleepy Still Exercise

*Yawn*. Hi all,

Between my dogs and restless brain I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. The culprit was mostly Koga. He is our only male dog and sometimes is a big baby.


Anywho, I went for a walk Wednesday, took Thursday off and got up early this morning to hit the Total Gym. Only did 18 minutes tg this morning because I am tired. I did continue the pull ups at 15 on lvl 2 though.

I’m going to try to stay in the 16/8 fasting cycle when possible. With my long hours schedule that may not always work. We shall see how the next week of trying it goes. The reason I’m adding this in to the monitoring calories is because I did find a group for the 3 month mini challenge. Now, these challenges are completely based on percent of body weight lost. That means, with my 300+lb body weight, I have to lose much higher pounds to lose a big percent. Most winners of this contest lose 15% or more. Depending what I weigh in at Saturday, for me to lose even 10% would be 30+ pounds. That would me consistently losing 2+ pounds a week. I mean it’s only for 3 months so I can definitely push hard and put my best in for this group and that 2k possible prize.

Healthy wage ribbons

This challenge will definitely help me kick off the next three months with success.

Anywho, I’ll check back in Saturday.

Keep it going,


Sore muscles and Upping the Ante

So, I upped my legs to level 4 yesterday and have sore thighs today. Do you know what causes that? Micro rips in the muscle happen which then have to be rebuilt and strengthened. Did you also know women tend to have less sore muscle pain than men?

Anywho, Healthy wage also has mini challenges. I’m looking at doing a 3 month team challenge to possibly snag another couple thousand. The beginning of a weightloss journey would be best for a contest like this. There’s also a stipulation, that even if my team doesn’t win, I can weigh back in 6 months afterward and get my entry fee $99 back. I’m hoping to join a team already established. If not this may wait until next month. We shall see.

Money Money Money

I’m not set to do any exercise again until Thursday morning, but depending on how I feel I may sneak something in tomorrow. Best to get all the sore muscle water retention gone before Saturday weigh in.

Anywho, enough for my unscheduled check in.

Keep it going,


Now you hear me…

Hi all,

Decided to continue with my plan of sharing more of myself with you all. Here is a short video of me.

I know the lighting sucks, but I will improve with time.

Anywho did get 21 minutes of TG done. Moved up to level 4 for legs. Definitely felt it lol. 15 pull ups done. Won’t be moving up on arms anytime soon.

Cppeace is who I am on and various other sites. is the video on youtube if it doesn’t work here.

Keep it going,


How I’m measuring up now.

Hi all,

So, I have weighed in and over the past 4 days of actually tracking my food, I have begun losing again. We will mark today as the official first weigh in. I didn’t snap a picture of it, but I have no reason to lie at this point. (Not that I ever will have) I weighed in at 333.8lbs.

I have taken my front and side shot pictures.

Kimmie 5/15/2021
Kimmie 5/15/2021

So, now, you’ve seen who you’ve been reading from. Yes, I still need to deal with the spiderwebs. ( That’s on tomorrow’s to do list.) These pictures show a peak into what is my tiny space.  This little room is my office, gym, storage space and it’s the spare room on the rare instances we have overnight guests. ( a roll-away bed takes the TG’s place. )

I am about to climb on my Total Gym ( wet out today), but I have taken my measurements to share.

  • Neck                         16 inches
  • Bust                          61.25 inches
  • Left Relaxed Bicep 17 inches
  • Waist                        51.5 inches
  • Hips                          61 inches
  • Left Relaxed Thigh  29 inches
  • Left Relaxed Calf     20 inches

Lastly, I have decided on the Healthy Wage. I thought pretty long on it and decided what went wrong last time was the reward wasn’t high enough, my cost in wasn’t risky enough to make me upset when I gave up. So, the decision is, yes I will be doing it. It won’t be for 6 months and just a few hundred, though.

That’s an $1800 investment and a $5000 paycheck for simply keeping up with my food diary and not being a lazy potato. This will actually motivate me as $100 isn’t chump change to be taken from me monthly for the next year and a half. $5,000 even deducting 20% for taxes will still leave me more than enough to cover the fence I want up front and my trio of dairy sheep. Or hey maybe I’ll save it to use in the local tax sale. Maybe my weight loss could fund my dream property.

Anywho, I better get to jumping on the exercise or I’ll laze my way out of it.

Keep it going,


Day 1 back on the Total Gym

I did it! I got up a half hour early, cleaned it off and did 20 minutes on it.

For not having touched it in 4-6 months, I think I did ok. I did my normal-ish 13 minutes on legs and probably 5-6 minutes actively on arms ( a minute or two adjusting levels, attachments and positions) So, my total exercise time was 20 minutes. I burned 255 calories! Overall, that’s great for my restart.

The breakdown of that is level 3 legs 13 minutes, 4 minutes shoulders and chest arm exercise on level 2. I was anle to do 10 pullups on level 2 as well. Saturday, I will be weighing in, taking my measurements, doing more exercise ( raining so probably more TG) and I will be taking some pictures of myself. When I was doing my big loss 8 years ago I was taking front and side pictures every month to see the changes. I likely will share them on here, because, though I am working to change, I am not ashamed of who I am.

There isn’t likely to be much visual changes for at least 4-6 months as large as I currently am. Which is why measuring and weighing happen. All of these are tools to show my progress along with endurance and strength increases.

I’m considering starting up another Healthy Wage run. My last one I was doing well about 2-3 months then just got distracted and gave up. Extra money could definitely help with a few other goals, ( vehicle, fence, sheep, and more chicken runs/ coops) but can I trust myself to actually stick with this at least 6 months? My last few attempts have all been flops.

Well, definitely things to consider over the next few days. I’ll make a decision by Saturday and restart it then if I’m doing it.

Well, that’s about it for now.

Keep it going,