Setting Weekend Goals

Hi all,

It’s a fabulous Friday again. I hope yours is going well. So, goals is what we are to discuss today. These are short goals for this weekend only. My weekends are often couch potato time. If I don’t set specific to do goals to accomplish I will potato out for most of the next 2 and a half days.

So that’s a good tip for you if you have a similar situation going on. Write down or use whatever will work for you. Go from most important to least of things you need to accomplish over the time frame.

For example mine is as follows:

  • Test Thigh Guard
  • Draft contracts
  • Write on both books
  • Transplant several veg plants
  • Draw out / better describe drafts for other invention
  • Walk at least 1.2 miles
  • Weigh in

Those are the major things I really need to accomplish this weekend.

About half of those are almost automatic on my weekends these days, two of those is dependent on rain not being a pain. My aim is to get at least 6 out of 7 done. Most of these are not high intense. The issue that often happens is I get distracted. For example, these plants should have been transplanted 2 weeks ago.

No excuses or distractions on them this weekend.

But but but… Aren’t weekends for fun? Yes and relaxation. But taking 1/4 of the time and dedicating it to accomplishments isn’t hurting my weekend in any way.

Anywho, enjoy your weekend, whenever it comes for you ( mine used to be Mon and Tue)

Keep it going,


Total Gym on a Thursday

Hi all,

So, yep just off the Total Gym as I type this. I did legs on level 5. That is still hard. That means I’m in the right place to gain muscle. First I moved down to level 3 for arms- just to try. It wasn’t as horrible as I thought, but after a couple minutes I moved back to level 2. In another couple sessions I’ll stay on 3 for arms.

And yes… Yes! I did get up to 30 on the pull ups! That is my best on the arms! Look I even snapped a sweaty selfie haha!

Sweating after hitting 30 pull ups 7/8/21


My thigh guards are hopefully ready for me to test Saturday. I will update on them then.

Now, I should ready myself for work.

Keep it going,


Don’t Let Fear Beat You.

Hi all,

Fear is natural. Fear is needed at times. Fear shouldn’t stop you without good cause. I’ve lived my life fighting my fear. I have never regretted it.

I’ve known so many people that won’t step beyond their comfort zone to start down a path they want to be on. They are paralyzed by fear. Yes, change can be scary, risk can be scary, but do you really want to stay in that comfy rut forever? If you truly do then go right ahead.

For the rest of us, check why you’re afraid. Is there legitimate reasons? Or are your reasons really doubts? If they are doubts then question those doubts. Doubt your doubts!

I’m on a journey to lose 180lbs in total. I’m 23 lbs down that path. That comes with a boatload of fear and doubts. I fight those every day. Do I lose sometimes? Yes. We all do. Does that mean I failed? You never fail unless you stop trying.

Well, off my soap box for now. I need to hydrate and get back to fighting.

Keep it going,


Put a Little Spirit in it.

Hi all,

It is a beautiful day out here. I definitely need to head out and mess with my garden after work today. As I said in the video yesterday, overall it’s doing well. I have a few more I need transplant into the ground soon, though.

Today, I thought I’d talk a bit about what’s been spirtually feeding me lately. Because, again, this is a journey to all around better health, not just shedding pounds. So, nature is a big part of my spiritual harmony. It’s a big reason I try to let nature take over as much as possible on my property. Watching plants grow, seeing fire flies dance, viewing kittens playing and so much more I’ve had nuruish my soul of late.

Trumpet vines grow everywhere 7/06/21

I’ve also taken to repeating mantra as I feel inspired to do. What mantra? I practice Ho’oponopono. If you seek more info on what that is ask or do a search.

Since starting that practice my life feels so much… more focused. I’m in a flux of inspiration and activity.

Well, I need to go take account of the outside before dark.

Keep it going,


Get Your Monday Check in Here

Hi all,

Last Monday never did upload. That’s why it ended up posted through YouTube. I will try to keep today’s shorter. Enjoy the Monday recap video.


I hope you all had a happy Independence day. Or if you are outside the USA, I hope your weekend was fun.

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Keep it going,