What are Non Scale Victories?

So, I mentioned there being other ways to chart your progress on you journey to better health and here where I will expand on that.

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a non scale victory or NSV for short is exactly like it says. This is basically anything positive occurring in your life due to weight loss and or exercise increase.

Some examples of NSV are:

Clothes fitting better of feeling looser

Measurements going down

Flexibility increased, being able to touch your toes

Endurance increased, you can walk further, stand longer, hold a pressure or weight longer

Something that was very hard being a little easier to physically do

More room in the car, having to adjust seats forward or seatbelt being less cutting

Chasing a child or pet and not finding yourself short of breath

Moving in a notch on a belt

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Feeling less hungry, feeling full easier

Craving less “junk food”

Your significant other notices you snore less

People comment you look like you’ve lost weight or have been exercising

Your knees, feet or joints seem to be bothering you less

Getting up from a seated position is easier

You find yourself having more energy and are getting more done.

Having to buy new pants because they are trying to fall off

Seeing definition where before there was only roundness or flab

Basically, NSVs can happen often and be in all sorts of different fashions. Often, you won’t be watching for it and it just strikes you out of the blue. You’ll just notice it’s easier to get up or down or seems you’re walking faster than you used to.

Cherish and celebrate these victories just as much or more than the numbers on a scale going down. After all losing weight as a goal isn’t just to lose weight is it? Don’t you want to be in better shape, be more confident and or have other tidbits that literally have nothing to do with a number on a scale?

I have been exercising a week now and already notice a difference. That motivates me to keep pushing. I hope you see these little successes and they do the same for you.

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The Dreaded Weigh-Ins

So, how often should you dare to face the scale when you are on a journey to a large loss?

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Well, like most things, that’s going to be a very individual decision. Some people love to jump on that scale every day after their workout. They love to see their hard work pay off. I highly recommend not weighing in daily, especially women, but really everyone. When you are more than a few pounds overweight you also will find this even more important not to do. For most I would recommend weighing in once a week, once every two weeks or once a month. I wouldn’t go longer than a month without checking in if you are actively trying to lose weight.

So, why shouldn’t you weigh in every day? Shouldn’t you see a loss every day if you are following a diet and exercising? In a perfect world, yes you would see a loss every day because you technically should be losing every day. Do we live in a perfect world? That would be a resounding No!

Everyone’s body will retain water. That retention level can change by the hour, much less the day.

Ate something extra salty? Bam! More water retained.

Tried a new exercise and have sore muscles? Bam! More water retained.

Drank some alcohol last night? Bam! More water retained.

Didn’t sleep well or much? Bam! More water retained.

Be about to have or having a period? Bam! Mega water retained.

Didn’t drink enough water the last day or two? Bam! I think you see the pattern by now.

And, not only water retention can make you not appear to be losing weight, when you really are. If you happen to not have bowel movements as often as average (most healthy people should have at least 1 every 24 hours or so) then you literally are carrying some extra waste weight.

Then, we get into the muscle building. Muscle is far denser than fat. It takes up about half the space. If you happen to be doing some major weight training or other muscle building activity you actually could be adding muscle tissue as you lose weight. If you happen to be adding muscle faster than losing fat (which can and does happen, especially to the very out of shape) then you may actually see a scale say you gain slight weight in a given week. If you had sore muscles that week, don’t believe that scale.

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Always keep in mind that this is a journey. You are looking for a downward trend if losing weight. If you have a lot to lose (like me) then this will be a long journey. If you have one week where you don’t lose or gain a bit but at the end of the month you have lost 8 pounds that means you lost 2 pounds a week on average.

Don’t let the scale rule you. Yes, seeing the numbers go down is so encouraging and shows progress, but so many other things do that as well. I will discuss those in another post. Just keep the scale put away if it starts to discourage you. You are doing well.

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My Fitness Pal Predictions

So, this is more just an interesting thing that I’ve never kept track of and want to do.

Basically, every day you complete your food diary at My Fitness Pal they give you a prediction for what you should weigh if you eat this same amount for 5 weeks. I’ve used this site for years and never actually paid attention to how close their prediction are for me.

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See, this is yesterday’s prediction and today’s was a bit higher since I ate a little more than yesterday and burned slightly less calories as well. I actually want to keep track and see how close this lines up. Now, yes, this won’t be perfect, as we all eat and exercise differently each day, but this is more just a curiosity and almost for fun than anything else. . I will give it some leeway and say 320 lbs in 5 weeks.
So that means by October 11th I should weigh that as long as I am fairly consistent about this routine. 15 lbs in 5 weeks is very achievable for someone my size.
What do you think? Will the numbers match up? We shall see.

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Water! What is it good for? Absolutely Everything!

Say it again!


So, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but here it comes for me. Drink more water! The average person doesn’t drink near enough pure water. This is especially true for those carrying quite a few extra pounds. From research, it has been found that most Americans drink around 4 cups of water a day and then several more cups of liquids that aren’t water.

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So, hey that at least means most people shouldn’t be straight out dehydrated. It also means, though, that you likely are taking in extra calories from that latte, chocolate milk, Coke or Powerade. You also are making your body filter more to get the water from these substances and, if they are caffeinated, you actually discount some of the positive effects the water gives.

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How much should you aim for? Depending on your size, activity level, sweat output and natural tendencies your needed water level will vary. If you have a super lazy day, you may be fine with 5 or 6 cups in climate controlled space. If you are more than 20lbs of fat overweight, you may need to up that by a cup or two. If you are moderately active, ( more than 2 hours on your feet, walking 8000+ steps a day) you likely should be taking in 8-12 cups a day. If you sweat a lot, are very active ( More than 6 hours on your feet, 12,000+ steps), exercised extra hard, then you might need closer to a gallon of water a day.

Use your own judgement. How often are you going to the bathroom? If you are well hydrated you should urinate every 2-3 hours. Your skin will look generally healthier and fuller when you are well hydrated. The dark circles under your eyes generally will lighten some. Your nails will be stronger. Your urine color should lighten but vitamins or supplements can prevent that. Mostly, look on how you feel. It’s not impossible, but it’s very hard to drink too much water. Just try to consume it fairly evenly through the day. Too much too fast isn’t as good.

How can it help you lose weight, though?

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Drinking cold water actually makes you burn more calories because it has to warm it. It helps you feel more full if you drink before, while or directly after eating. That generally means you eat less. Giving your body what it needs means it works less hard in that fashion and can focus on building muscle. Remember, muscles also take more calories to maintain, therefore you will burn more. If you have to get up to go the bathroom every couple hours, at least you are on your feet moving that often. Oh, and adding lime juice to warm water is actually supposed to aide digestion and boost health in several ways.

Water is just good for you and should be a focus of not only weight loss but good health.

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Total Gym is Up.

Ok, I’m not an exerciser by choice. It’s uncomfortable, exhausting, and I don’t feel good before during or after it. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I dread it but it’s never making my list of things I like to do. The Total Gym might just change that.

So, I have a used Total Gym XL. I got it for $30 from a local auction. It didn’t come with any accessories, but, for that price, I can afford to slowly add what I want for it. If you can find one for under $100 in working condition snap it up! Chuck Norris was right; this thing is awesome.

I never really got out of breath but felt my muscles working and even worked up a sweat. 20 minutes flew by. I need major *major* work on the arm muscles. All of that was extremely hard for me compared to the squat exercises and other leg work I did today. I can feel that I’m going to have sore muscles but I know that’s really a good thing. The gliding kind of felt fun, somehow. I was able to punch and lift my arms to keep my upper body moving and heart rate up while doing squats and similar.

So, yeah I would recommend a total gym machine for someone needing to lose major weight or just get in better shape. I can see it working for the vast majority of people.

So, today marks day 3 of the exercise streak. I plan a short walk tomorrow and hey, if I can, might do some more total gym work.

Soon the room will be fully ready for better pictures and even video. Until then you’ll get peaks and my simple written words.

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