Did You Know We Exhale Fat?

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My brain is always working and striving for knowledge. I’m almost always, reading or watching something that either brings me joy or knowledge, sometimes both. A day or two ago, I ran across info about what happens to fat once it breaks down. Sure, it’s used for energy, but it doesn’t just go poof.

Energy never just dissappears. It always takes a new form. So, basically, most of the fat molecules break down to their individual parts and you get rid of them through sweat, waste and exhaling. Since you’re constantly breathing, that where most leave. I think that’s just neat!

Exhaling another pound

So, I gave in and weighed again this morning. Down another pound! I drank so much water yesterday, I’m surprised I didn’t burst.

I’m not surprised by the loss, would have been surprised not see one as I’m still fasting haha! I didn’t intend to do a full day fast, but we were so busy and then I didn’t even get hungry until after 3pm and was just like to heck with it, it’s only 6-7 hours until bedtime haha.

Full fasting actually has many health benifit, including improving your immune function. I may add a full fast day once a month, but, if doing so, I have to also add an eat at least 1700 calorie day to keep the metabolism up and not get used to such low amounts constantly.

Anywho, lots to do today, including starting to protype thigh guards. I have two friends who volunteered to be my beta testers once I’ve tried it out awhile.

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But… But…But

Hi all,

So…. I didn’t lose weight this week. In fact, if I believed the scale, I gained.

Nobody freak out now!

Just relax.

My cat Tracer relaxed

That’s better.

Lol I’ve been here before, remember. I know weight loss is rarely ever a smooth ride down the scale. I’ve been tracking everything that goes in my mouth, solid or liquid. So, I am 100% positive that I didn’t gain fat-it’s rather impossible actually.

I lost 14lbs in 22 days! My body had to be like WTF!? I had sore muscles again from my TG yesterday and just feel bloated. I’d put money down that by Monday I could post a loss after getting rid of this water weight.

The question is should I weigh in again tomorrow or Monday or just wait for the planned Wednesday? I haven’t decided.

This is a journey, after all, not a jaunt. The only reason I’m even weighing in more than once a week is for the 3 month challenge, to try and help the team stats. Likely, I’ll hold off, but we’ll see.

Plans for today include, exercise, garden work, moving animals to new spots and arranging groceries. I plan to add a new recipe tomorrow. I’ve completely been neglecting that section since coming back to the site.


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I Avoided the Scale!

Hi all,

It is a lovely day today, supposed to go up to the low 80s but overall lovely out. My plants are sure to love it. The animals have certainly been twitchy.

So, I did more fast food.



How could I ruin my weight loss?

Again, I was careful about what I chose. I kept within my allotted calorie total. My only concern, and it’s small, was sodium. Sodium isn’t something I tend to mention much these days. A decade ago, when I was stuck in the low 200s, I started obsessing over sodium. I was positive I wasn’t losing because of retaining water. Yeah, that’s not what it was. Haha!

If you have about 20lbs or less to lose, sodium causing water retention can cause major stressful scale weight fluctuations. (You aren’t really gaining 5 lbs in a weekend)That’s another plus for weighing in less often and on a pattern basis. When you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of pounds to lose, sodium shouldn’t be a focus unless you have a medical need to monitor it.

Photo by monicore on Pexels.com

I avoided the scale, though, not from water weight fear, but a need to get back to no more than 2 weigh ins a week. I will aim for Saturday and Wednesday for now.

Well, short, but keeping the streak of posts active. Exercise will happen tomorrow.

Keep it going,


Thursday Already!

Hi all,

Wow this week is gliding on by. I guess that’s what happens when you get Monday off to start the week haha!

I hit the Total Gym for 22 minutes this morning. My next time on it, I’m going to really push for 30 minutes. I did succeed in getting my 20 pull ups in though. ( before anyone misunderstands those, they are on the Total Gym, not at standard angle) I’ll keep that there another session on two then I’ll be aiming for 25. When I get to 30 or 35 at the highest, I’ll know it’s time to move up a level. That’s kind of exciting.

Shot a short video for you.

Yep, the evening brain keeps pushing out ideas. My mental wellness regiment is doing me wonders. I’ll go into more on that in a later post. Oh, I figured someone, somewhere, might be interested in how the plants are doing.

sprouts, transplants and young trees 6/02/21

Spring is my favorite season. I love the rebirth.

Anywho, that’s enough for now.

Keep it going,


A Rainy Wednesday

Hi all,

Work has been insanely busy today. I’m writing this on my break. Nothing much to report on the exercise front. (Unless we count chasing a loose 9 week old chick through the ankle deep mud)

I plan to weigh in Saturday like normal. Hoping for a loss. Last couple days the scale has stubbornly stayed put. That’s the curse of the scale. It’s why it’s best to just weigh in once or twice a week. You generally will avoid some frustration.

This is what it’s looked like all day.


Cloudy, rainy day. It looks more like winter than spring. It definitely is spring, though. The strawberries are steady providing a few berries a week.

My strawberry patch

Tomorrow I get up early and will be hitting the total gym. I’m going to try my best to get 20 pull ups done. That’s the goal. I’ll report the success or failure tomorrow.

Keep it going,


22 Days and Feeling Good!

So, this is the start of June and my 3rd week losing weight and exercising. I woke up a bit blah feeling but after waking up more, back to my normal pretty cheerful self.

I logged another .8 lb of a loss this morning, putting me at 322 lbs. My muscles aren’t as sore today, but I feel like I’m still retaining some water, but in either case, 14 lbs in 22 days is awesome!

I’ve got some gears turning in my head to make some custom thigh guards for walking- you know, so my thighs don’t chaff when rubbing against eachother. I have plenty of material and even some nice leather I could use. I’ve seen what is offered for sale for this and I know I can do better.

These could even be worn to stop women from wearing holes in jeans and other pants. I know I sure used to rub holes in mine over time. Numerous pants later became shorts for that reason.

On other news, my 3 month challenge team has slipped way down in rank, but it’s week two, we have plenty of time to move back up. I’m glad I’m not holding the team back, at least, but we are all over 1% in just over a week so not bad at all.

Otherwise, nothing much to report today. I’m glad these blogs are becoming a daily habit. I will certainly try to keep that up.

Inspiration and Cookies

Hi all,

Happy Memorial Day!

I was up far too late with interesting ideas streaming through my brain. I also got some writing done. The day looks and feels nice out.

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but I logged another loss. That’s right. Can you guess what I lost between Saturday and Sunday? 1.6 pounds! I stepped on the scale 3 times, unbelieving my eyes. It said 322.8 lbs.

I really do believe a combo of the 16/8 fasting and my mindset is the major difference. I’ve eaten these types of calories before around this size and only lost the normal, healthy, 1-2lbs a week. I’m sure I will be getting back to that loss rate soon, but, for now, I’ll enjoy this ride.

Anywho, I ordered some lighting gear and have decided to do a weekly video post.

Lights ordered 5/30/2021

I have no direct plan on what will be the point, but that will get that figured out. I’m thinking Mondays, starting next Monday. I may do both a youtube video and a facebook live. I’m still working out the plans.

Well, I should get started and stop lolly gaggling about watching Dr. Who. Exercise still to do and more weeding to get done. Then I’ll break my fast with a pb cookie. Yum!

Keep it going,