Short term goals

So, I have several goals in this pursuit. I categorize these in a few ways. Today, I will talk about my shorter term goals. How do I define short term? I state short term as a goal I can achieve in 1 to 3 months.

What are my short term goals? Lets set five of these.

  1. Well, the first one is to get regular exercise back in my every day routine. Lack of regular physical activity is a major issue for many these days, but I am a natural couch potato. I’ve always been a very cerebral person, even as a child. Sure, I liked to walk in the woods and go play with my siblings, but most of my hobbies involved reading, writing or playing games. That hasn’t changed much. There are few physical activities that I enjoy. Most exercise is tolerated at best. So, I find making it a challenge of an exercise streak gives me a needed motivation on any given day.” Come on, Lazybones. Don’t break your streak. 
  2. My second short term goal is to be in good enough shape to walk several miles October 2nd at a huge swap meet we’re going to.
  3. My third short term goal is to be at least 20lbs lighter by Nov 29th. I want more than that in three months if possible but that’s a minimum for my goal.
  4. My fourth short term goal is being able to go at least 1 mile straight on my trike before Halloween. It’s harder than you think. We have oodles of hills here.
  5. My final current short term goal is being 100% accountable and honest with myself and all of you with my dietary choices and fitness routine. If I have a bad day where all I get are peanut butter cups, I’m going to face that, accept it and move on forward. I will not just “forget” to do my food diary that day or mark half of what I ate.

Well, this is a good start. I also will make posts about Micro Goals and Long Term Goals. Feel free to check those out.

So, what are your shorter term goals?  Do you set time limits similar to mine?  Are you more lax or more severe?

Keep it going