No Excuses

Hi all,

I have been a total slacker in December. I have been spotty with my Monday videos. I forgot to do the monthly compare last weekend. I haven’t touched my Total Gym. I’ve gone over calories a few times.

Tch Tch Tch.

I shall not give any excuses. These were my choices. Now it’s time to make better choices.


Tomorrow I will force myself to get up early and do a Total Gym Workout-meaning I will likely have sore muscles for Xmas haha!

Friday we have a walk planned.

Saturday will be a relax/fun day.

Sunday will be accomplish two things minimum day. ( things like major steps on a goal)

Monday I plan to Total Gym again.

Back on the topic of my goals, I lost another pound and am down to 276.8lbs.

Well, that’s a good sign for the coming year. 2022 shall be fabulous if we want it to be!

Keep it going,


Woo! What a Week!

Hi all,

I only worked 2 and 2/3 of my normal work week but due to some issues those days have been packed and busy. So woo, can’t wait to rest some this weekend.

We have grocery shopping to do and I want to get my corporation set up this weekend. It’s simple enough. Still awaiting the response from the Patent office. Been more than 2 weeks now since they received it. Hoping to hear back from them before 2022. We shall see.

I completed all my holiday shopping, everything has been mailed that needed to be and here are my guy and I’s gifts for each other.

I still haven’t logged a loss. I haven’t gained either but I’m sure just retaining water. My next challenge I will be back to more exercise. I got the Total Gym back cleared off and the basement is a work in progress but usable for exercise if need be. It is needed for sure.

Well, that’s it for now. I will be back Monday if not sooner.

Keep it going,


Monday is Here Again

Hi all,

So, here we are back around and Christmas is barreling down on us. I’m glad I have 98% of my shopping done and plan to get them to 100% tomorrow.

Our Parrot has been named Tommy( not sure if I ever stated that before. ) They are still not hand tame yet but it’s a work in progress. Definitely closer than last week.


Here is the darkish Monday Video. Enjoy.

keep it going,


A Monday Check in- yep on time even!

Hi all, made a short video recapping the mostly dull last week.


I’m still fighting off the blues on and off and it’s not all seasonal based. I’m working through it. Sometimes a few things just gang up on me.

The walk to the Civic Center was definitely a success in more than one way. Got that water weight off, got a couple stocking stuffers bought.

Winter is coming in a bit at a time. We are supposed to get snow this weekend. Nope-scratch that they updated and removed the snow.

Ah well.

I do enjoy seeing this ticker !

Keep it going,