What Another Monday

Hi all,

As my guy has a morning position now no more sleeping in on Mondays for me. I did laze about a couple hours, though. Then I weighed in and am down another 1.8lbs. Yay!


Dropping dropping dropping…

The book is far behind, though. That will be a big focus this week. Need to get a couple chapters done.

Well, I will be finding something for supper now.

Keep it going,


Goal Posts

Hi all,

It’s been a good Sunday.I didn’t hop on the scale since after I’d eaten and drank a fair amount and still came in a 295 so Iikely have lost a least a little even with all the over eating. It’s good to eat over occasionally to keep your body guessing.

I have designed a lower calories and carb pizza dough I’m trying out tonight. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

My guy is mostly back to himself. Which is a relief for sure.

Wilson’s Natural Creation lotion bar

My friend Sam makes great products and I shared her first post from her new site yesterday. I got one of her lotion bars. It’s nice lotion for sure. Let me know if you want me to share more of her products. I love what my friends make. I can’t wait until I can hire them to be selling my thigh guards. Hopefully that will be early next year.

Goals and hopes are still alive and well.

Keep it going,



Hi all,

It’s a lovely but humid Saturday. I got to sleep in a little. I used a good portion of the day researching and working on the pre patent stuff. I hope to finish it tomorrow and get it submitted sometime next week.

I was to take a walk but a small issue arose with the thigh guard. It was expected on this one, but I will make the hopefully final prototype tomorrow. There’s no logical reason why it shouldn’t be the final.

I checked on the “garden and noticed a couple possible pumpkins.

As far as I know they’re Max Pumpkins but again, I’m not sure.

There are also a couple peppers, unsure what type.

And the tomatoes are finally getting color. Soon to be picked yum!

Well, there you have the plant updates not counting more squash about ready to pick.

I’ll make up today’s walk tomorrow. I need to get back on my exercising more.

Keep it going,


Nice Nice Baby

Hi all,

It’s been a peaceful Friday so far. I haven’t porked out near as much today. I may go on another walk but doubtful as I have to cook. I’ve had to cook almost every day lately for my guy. It’s getting tiresome.

I got that promotion yesterday and a different team lead is asking if I want to apply for a slightly higher one. It’s a fabulous time overall with my guy almost back to normal.

It’s lovely out and my tomatoes are getting closer to ripe.

I plan to walk to the bank Monday morn to get my patent stuff notarized. We shall see. That was supposed to have been done 2 weeks ago.

Work work work but I’m still excited.

Keep it going,