Too Many Pots

Hi all,

I definitely need to actually make and follow a schedule. I have way too many directions things I’m doing. I love and believe in them all, but things like my blogging get pushed aside way too quick.

Well, this post will update a few things. I have submitted my provisional patent and registered my corporation. My next step on the thigh guard front is the tags, bags and labels. I have some testers lined up. While testing is happening, I will work on creating a couple hundred of them for sales.

On the walking front, I’m now fairly easily covering over 4 miles in round trips now. I don’t know how much further I will push that on walking. Maybe 6 total, one of these days.

I did lose some inches last month, even if the scale didn’t cooperate to reflect it.

Now on to my other goals. I plan to start seeds tomorrow or Monday. I also have chicks scheduled to arrive in just after Easter. So, my guy and I have to finish securing the chicken run so foxes can’t dig in any longer. ( That’s what killed all of them last year.) We also will be making a trip to Jacob’s Cave April 1st. Hoping there will be way more animals in spring then there was in fall of 2000.

So, have I used my Vitamix? Yep! I love it! So far just made soup. It’s awesome. Going to do a smoothie this morning. I plan to upload recipes as I and my guy taste approve them here and on Instagram.

Any who, I have to get started now. Enjoy your day!

Keep it going,


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