Plateau Broken. I’m Back!

Hi All,

Sorry I’ve been mia for over a month. I had a nasty cold for a couple weeks and then we had a ton of snow and I just wasn’t motivated.

I got that motivation back with a vengeance a week or so ago and now am at 273.8lbs.

I am highly unlikely at this point to win the mini challenge I was on, but am still ( barely) ahead on the main challenge. I want to do another 3 month challenge. Still choosing between a group or solo.

I did get my refund for the May Challenge since I was still steady losing so I can pay ahead.

I also decided to take a big leap and investment. I shall have it delivered tomorrow. What you ask? Well….

Vitamix Ascent A3500

Yep I just paid a fortune for a blender.

Well, I was looking into replacing my little bullet type I had as it was just so-so and I’d never really gone deeper into blenders.

I grew up with a blender just being something we made milkshakes with occasionally and the cheap-o we had worked fine.

Why did I choose this pricey thing? Well, It’s a great blender, made in the USA and has a 10 year warranty. It also has been around like a century and is still controlled by the same family. All the reviews (like over 95% ) are positive.

So, this purchase may, very well, be what causes the recipes area to grow after all this time.

Anywho, will post tomorrow or Wednesday with more updates and info.

Keep it going,


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