2021Wrap Up

Hi all,

I figured I’d post today and list some of my accomplishments and steps I’ve successfully taken this year!

First, I committed to losing the weight. Commitment is always the first hurdle to a goal.

Second, I actually lost over 57lbs is 7 months.

I wrote 2 books, one for each 25lbs of loss on this journey.

Fourth, I was able to exercise every week without fail.

Fifth, I went from barely able to walk 1/4 of a mile to now easily walking 3.85 in one setting and over 4 in two.

Next, I only missed 1 week of posting at least once here.

Seventh, I invented a product and am 3/4 done with applying for the patent.

Eighth, I was able to arrange a small group for the group book and all contracts have been signed!

Ninth, I have been on point with gratitude, goal setting and taking needed steps.

Tenth, I was recognized and promoted twice at work this year.

Lastly, ( I’m sure there’s more but that’s all that came to mind) I am now finally a member of the YMCA again. Monday should be my first work out there in over 6 years.

Joined 12/30/2021

2022 holds nothing but hope and positivity for me in so many ways! I am seizing this year!

Keep it going,


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