No Excuses

Hi all,

I have been a total slacker in December. I have been spotty with my Monday videos. I forgot to do the monthly compare last weekend. I haven’t touched my Total Gym. I’ve gone over calories a few times.

Tch Tch Tch.

I shall not give any excuses. These were my choices. Now it’s time to make better choices.


Tomorrow I will force myself to get up early and do a Total Gym Workout-meaning I will likely have sore muscles for Xmas haha!

Friday we have a walk planned.

Saturday will be a relax/fun day.

Sunday will be accomplish two things minimum day. ( things like major steps on a goal)

Monday I plan to Total Gym again.

Back on the topic of my goals, I lost another pound and am down to 276.8lbs.

Well, that’s a good sign for the coming year. 2022 shall be fabulous if we want it to be!

Keep it going,


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