Woo! What a Week!

Hi all,

I only worked 2 and 2/3 of my normal work week but due to some issues those days have been packed and busy. So woo, can’t wait to rest some this weekend.

We have grocery shopping to do and I want to get my corporation set up this weekend. It’s simple enough. Still awaiting the response from the Patent office. Been more than 2 weeks now since they received it. Hoping to hear back from them before 2022. We shall see.

I completed all my holiday shopping, everything has been mailed that needed to be and here are my guy and I’s gifts for each other.

I still haven’t logged a loss. I haven’t gained either but I’m sure just retaining water. My next challenge I will be back to more exercise. I got the Total Gym back cleared off and the basement is a work in progress but usable for exercise if need be. It is needed for sure.

Well, that’s it for now. I will be back Monday if not sooner.

Keep it going,


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