Fall Challenge Conquered!

Hi all,

I decided to walk a ton today to sweat out some weight. We did the normal walk to get groceries and then there was a local group sale at the Civic Center. It’s also the building where the YMCA is. So It was 0.8 miles there, walked a bunch in there did a couple sets of stairs. 0.8 miles back. So, not counting any of the shopping either area 3.6 miles today.

This walking has me sweating a good amount. I got down to 278.2lbs. That means I got over 100% of my goal for the fall challenge.



That also means I’m another 6% down in about 2 months.

I plan to relax the rest of today.

I also received a new vitamin I plan to review. At the end of the month I will give a review.

Woo! Just feel exhausted from all that walking and stairs.

Keep it going,


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