Pay Yourself to Lose Weight?

Hi all,

Now that I’ve reached almost 55lbs of weight loss I wanted to find something physical weighing about that much to compare the loss to. What I ended up finding was more interesting to me. Did you know 1lb of quarters is $20 worth?

That triggered something in me and gave me an idea.

What if people paid themself to lose weight. Basically, for every 1lb you lose you put $20 in a piggy bank or jar.

Let’s say your goal was to lose 50lbs. You’d have saved $1000 by putting in $20 for each pound you lost.

You’d also have to set rules on gaining, though. For example, if you gain weight back that hangs on for more than 2 weeks you have to deduct $20 for each pound.

This seems win win to me. It helps you lose weight and save money. It expands your will power on both fronts. I wonder if I made a special jar or something if I could get the idea to catch on.

Just an interesting idea.

Hope your day is going well.

Keep it going,


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