The Catch Up Monthly Check In

Hi all,

We’ve completed our grocery shopping walk. I was making sure to walk fast. Did 2 miles in 51 minutes. So up to steady 2.35mph that means. Steady trying to improve my average walk speed. That also includes hills and traffic waiting.

I weighed in again after the walk and am now at 282.8lbs. That’s down a little over 53lbs! Still pecking away at the long and short Healthy Wage challenges. I’m still about a pound ahead on the short challenge and 11ish pounds up on the 18 month one.


It’s been 6 months of the health journey. Even with losing some focus for a few weeks and still working on getting exercise back on track I’ve lost 53.2lbs (52.8 after starting Healthy Wage Challenge) in 6 months. That leaves me a few days under a year to lose 67.2lbs.

Let’s go with measurements next.

Well, there you see I haven’t changed much in the last 5 weeks. I’m also only averaging about 1lb a week loss since I was majorly slacking off. I’m back on focus now, though.

Last would be me. Doubtful there is much visual difference but I will post it tomorrow. I did take the pics today but don’t have time to get on the pc and put them with the last months one to show yet.

I will post it tomorrow for sure.

Keep it going,


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