The Vacation Comes to an End

Hi all,

So, I got a decent amount done over my vacation. Not everything, of course, but a good amount.

I didn’t lose much,


That puts me at 285lbs even.

My guy and I have decided to get an African Grey as our next pet. I’ve wanted one since I was a teen and have researched them a ton. Locating one shall be a pain. I have a decent lead on where to start. A new pet was one of my self rewards haha! I don’t recall which one.

I plan to walk over to join the Y in the next week or two.

I purchased jeans to further test the thigh guards. As of 285lbs I’m in a size 22 jeans. They are comfortable, not too snug or baggy.

Anywho, I plan to do a video and make a separate post today.

Until then,

Keep it going,


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