I Just Realized

Hi all,

It’s been like 2 weeks since I did a Monday check in. Sorry bout that guys. I will do my best to make one this Monday.

I walked the 2.4 mile round trip this morn. Maybe doing another walk when my guy gets off. We shall see.

I’m terrible about remembering to turn the light off for the basement plants. I’ll try to get a timer soon so hopefully the plants survive a while more. I got the area all ready for working on the prototypes tomorrow. I also did some mild cleaning and got some gaming in 🙂

Yes I ate 3 donuts haha! But hey 600 calories isn’t terrible when the walk burned over 1000.

I may weigh in again tomorrow and see if I’ve shed the water weight pizza gave me. Saturday should have a loss hopefully.

Now, on to writing.

Keep it going,


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