Getting it All Together

Hi all,

I have been cleaning the house the last few days and polishing off the Halloween pizza. I also have gotten 3 out of the 4 people wanted to do the group book. If no fourth appears by end of the week then shall go forward with just the 3 plus me 50lb+ losers.

Still doing well on both current challenges.

I went on a walk today and plan a longer one for tomorrow.

The reason for the walk tomorrow? Lol A stroll to a local donut shop. I guarantee I burn more calories than I shall eat.

My plans for tomorrow also include making the next prototype. This weekend I will buy some jeans to start walking in and testing the guards on to see if any adjustments are needed for that use.

Anywho, it will be a productive rest of the week off for sure. Plus some gaming time snuck in.

Keep it going,


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