More Goals Set

Hi all,

It’s a bit chilly today. Fall is very much here.

I decided to reach out and start the 50 pound down group book. I have two people confirmed interested. I’d prefer two more to give us 5 total in the book. We shall see in the coming days.

I decided to go ahead and start that because I figure after my period is through I likely will have reached that milestone.

So, it’s a good time to get that going. That will not require as much writing time as my individual books thankfully, mostly some editing and meeting time.

With the temp low, I’m hoping the last big tomato has time to ripen. It’s good size but still very green.

I plan to get up early and get a walk in the morn, then TG on Thursday. Let’s hope I sleep well to not have an excuse.

Keep it going,


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