Must Buckle Down

Hi all,

Today I woke with some sore thigh muscles but I had told my guy I would walk with him to the store so he could get some stuff. So, sore or not I strapped on the foot coffins and out we went, walking the 1.35 miles round trip.

I was able to do it in normal pace for me. Now my calf muscles feel a bit sore as well. None of it is sore enough to stop me.

I have to write 5000ish words this week on my second book. I’m just over 10,000 words and 15,000 words is the minimum I feel is necessary in these first 4 books in the losing 100plus pounds series.

Ooo look I have hit 160 day streak!

So, I think I’ve proven I definitely don’t get an exercise high off of longer workouts. Yesterday’s walk was over 2 hours. There was no mind clarity, extra energy or giddiness that occurred.

Anywho, I should get back to work, have so much still to do.

Keep it going,


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