The Monthly Compare October Edition

Hi all,

Well, I did it! I set another new record for walking distance. Today we walked 4.2 miles. I didn’t really sit or rest. While waiting on crossing signal I leaned heavily on a post, but that was after 3 miles. My heart maxed out at 164 but generally stayer 140-155.

Well next let’s cover the measurements.

In case you missed it there, yes I also lost more weight to report today. I’m now at 287.4lbs!

10/16/2021 Healthy Wage

That puts me just 1.6lbs from 50lbs down. Woo so much more writing to do on that front.

Next, let’s see what the compare pictures show.

Well, there you have it.

Now, let’s figure out what else I need to eat after burning 1700+ calories.

Keep it going,


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