What? Another Victory!

Hi all,

Today I have gotten everything I set out to do done besides the possible trike time.

After looking into the patent forms more I cannot get the next form notarized until getting a number back from the first form. They’re all printed and filled out at least.

I also got Halloween decorations put out.

I will probably get some cleaning done soon. I did organize the pantry better already today.

Wait? What do you mean where’s the victory? Alright. Alright. Check it out.


That’s right! I lost more today and that now puts me in the next layer down. I’m at 289.8lbs. That means it took exactly 50 days for me to lose down enough to reach a new tens digit. That also means I have only 3.8lbs to go to hit a 50lb loss. I am only about half done with that book haha, but hey let’s see if I can get it done in the next 2-3 weeks.

That 50lb loss is also when I plan to join the YMCA. Maybe, since he needs to exercise more, my guy might change his mind and join too. We shall see.

Well, I should finish this up now to get back to getting things done.

Keep it going,


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