I’m a Potato

Hi all,

I had some odd knee pain that woke me slightly in the night. Due to this I was groggy and, though it doesn’t hurt, I decided to not do the morning Total Gym. I will do it after work instead.

My skipping my morning workout makes me feel lazy and I call myself a couch potato-though I’m rarely on a couch these days. I don’t want to insult myself, though as that is not conductive to health, growth or prosperity. So, I simply redesign the thought.

Yes, I am a potato. Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables on earth. As hobbits are so fond of saying, boil them, mash them, stick ’em in a stew. It’s not like their use stops their either. Mashed and then dehydrated potatoes give baked goods longer life without becoming stale. People make desserts out them. People make bread. The plants can push through almost rock hard soil to make it more workable. Never forget fried potatoes. Never!

So, yes, if I am to refer to myself as a potato I will consider it a compliment. Potatoes are amazing-just like me.

The scale though is still being stubborn but I still have hope for Saturday’s weigh in. It would be amazing to be in the 280s before the monthly compare time.

We shall see.

Keep it going,


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