Butterflies and Chocolate

Hi all,

So today I interviewed for another promotion at work. It would be a step up but as I just got the step up I’m currently in I’m not holding my breath. I did though have some nerves and butterflies in my stomach for the interview haha! It seemed to go fine and either way I am grateful and enjoy my work.

Yesterday evening we went on a walk and I covered the 1.4 miles to the store with my guy. 2.25 mph was brisk for me. 3mph literally is one smidge from jogging for me. I have slightly short legs for my height and take a ton of little steps. My guy puts out like 1/3 of the effort to keep the speed. He lets me set the pave because his normal pace is 3mph or more.

I’ve been writing a bit more. Still have about 9000ish words to go in 2-4 weeks ( depending on how fast my body decides to keep shrinking.). I also will be starting not one but two more books at that point. Woo! Sometimes I think I am putting too many pots on the stove. Sooner or later one will boil over.

I got distracted and didn’t pull out my trike last weekend. So, that is on the agenda for this weekend for sure. Now that I’m much better and stronger walking shape, I wonder how much further I can go on my trike.

The temperature has cooled a fair amount but it’s nice so far and hopefully the vines have a couple more weeks to ripen their fruits.

I have been pigging out on chocolate today, but not as bad as some times before. 5 small pb cookies and a chocolate bar so far. At least it isn’t 21 pb cups. Yes that has happened. Did I mention I’m a pb junkie?

Well, that’s about it for today.

Keep it going,


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