I Finally Feel Rested

Hi all,

I got some nice solid sleep last night. I woke a bit early, but that was still nearing that 8 hour mark. For the first time in a couple weeks I don’t feel tired.

I made hot cocoa yesterday. It was sweet and decadent and 600 calories! Yes you read that right. 600 calories. So, yes, I did end up a bit over calories yesterday. BUT I’m not worried about it. I was over 1000 calories under Saturday. I was less than 200 over yesterday. It all is still loss territory.

Now, I am edging ever closer to leaving the 290s. Something I haven’t done since 2015.

Weight records

That’s nothing, when I get down below 280 I’ll be looking at 2014 or before. 13 months from now, I will be back nearing record setting lows from 2012.

11 days to the monthly Check in and no, I haven’t forgotten the Monday Recap video. Here it is.


There you have it.

Keep it going,


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