Sunday Style

Hi all,

Today was more relaxing than accomplishing, but I did get some stuff done.

I got a little cleaning done, gave a dog a bath, did some grocery shopping, and helped a friend with their reviews. I plan to do some writing before I sleep and tomorrow I will see about making adjustments on the prototype. I just want to slim it a bit if possible

Had some good news on my guy, we gave him a big test on his blood sugar and he came back normal so pretty sure he’s in the clear. We have discovered high fructose corn syrup and soy sugar alcohol seem to spike his blood sugar longer than normal sugar does. I’m not surprised by that. Natural is normally better and as bad as sugar can be it is natural. Honey, sugar and stevia so far so good. I’m sire the supplements I have him on help him as well.

Photo by Archana GS on

. Well, I have cooking to do.

Keep it going,


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