Saturday Sass

Hi all,

It was a bit of a busy day. I only slept in an hour maybe. It was raining, but decided to let up for a few hours. So, we were able to make the 3 mile walk to the library sale. As normal, at most sales we attend, my guy found twice as much as me, but all together we found 9 books to take home.

Once we made it back, I’d burned 1482 calories.

walk 10/02/21

I then got some soaps and such from my good friend Sam. She makes natural soaps, lotion, salves, deodorant and much more. Check out her Etsy.

I also ate well today and posted a 1.8lbs loss. That puts me at 291.4lbs. I’m back nice and ahead in my Healthy Wage challenges. I can’t wait to win that $5,000 in 13 months. If you happen to want to win along with me check out the link.

Well, that’s about it today.

Keep it going,


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