October Begins

Hi all,

I’ve been feeling really blah lately. Need to mix stuff up get me back focused and upbeat like normal. Sleeping deeper will help.

Tomorrow, if weather cooperates, my guy and I will do the 3 mile round trip walk to the library book sale. Haven’t done one yet in all the years we’ve lived here. So, definitely need to get to go.

Library book sale

The scale isn’t cooperating lately. I’m not over eating so it’s just all water weight. Hopefully, I weigh in tomorrow and it will be back at least where I was before my period. The mini challenge has a long way to go, but I like to stay pretty close to one track. Otherwise, it’s draining to not see a new loss multiple weeks.

I’m pretty sure the “pumpkins” outside are spaghetti squash for 2 and perhaps a melon on the other. Shall hopefully see soon. Likely only a few weeks before a frost so they have deadlines-literally.

Well, back to work I head.

Keep it going,


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